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Fun, games, and misogyny at E3

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is meant to highlight upcoming video games and advances in game technology. But this year’s event, which took place from June 11-13th, was overshadowed by a few unfortunate incidents that highlighted the still-present sexism in video game culture instead. On the first day of E3, feminist video game critic, Anita Sarkeesian, tweeted… Continue Reading →

A damsel in progress: analyzing BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth

From Peach to Zelda, the damsel in distress is a classic video game figure. Countless games have featured the helpless princess in need of rescuing, and despite its blatant sexism, the trope is still widely used. When Irrational Games’ BioShock: Infinite was released March 26th, female character Elizabeth seemed to be just another damsel in… Continue Reading →

Let girls be the heroes for a change

A couple of weeks ago, the Huffington Post released a pretty phenomenal article about gender representation in the virtual world. Mike Hoye, a self-employed programmer, was tired of the enormous gender gap between strong male and female characters in video games. He and his three-and-a-half year old daughter Maya regularly played Zelda: Windwaker together. Link,… Continue Reading →

A media juggling act

When I read about media multi-tasking, or the act of using multiple screens at once, my mind jumped to a vision: a child watching the images of an advertisement on a muted television screen–“dial this number for weight loss supplements!”—while hearing a commercial between songs on Pandora—“stop by for our new double bacon Hawaiian burger”—while… Continue Reading →

Top Girl: A new way to train girls to be vacuous fashionistas

Crowdstar, a game developer specializing in Facebook games, has just released their first mobile-only title aimed at girls: Top Girl. Top Girl is a social role-playing game wherein players can use real money to purchase in-game money, or earn money through modeling jobs, to make in-app purchases of clothes, hairstyles and more. The app description… Continue Reading →

Foolish Games: Breaking My Heart

“Power,” “glory,” and “women” are all objects to seize in R2Games’ “Ceasary.” I mean a woman gamer, of course. I grew up playing video games. Zelda for the SNES is one of my happiest childhood memories. I always have my eye open for new ways to while away my downtime. But what was this I… Continue Reading →