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Sexual Assault in the Media – SVU Spreads Awareness

Looking for a television show that empowers victims of sexual assault and spreads awareness about the issues? Then some Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is just what you need. We’re right in the middle of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). It has officially been observed nationally in the U.S. since 2001…. Continue Reading →

Not wearing makeup on TV is literally Headline News

I have a pretty traditional work schedule, in that I’m not usually home during the day. This means that I’m not too familiar with talk shows. So, when I saw the headline “’The Talk’ hosts’ makeup-free premiere,” I wasn’t sure what or whom they were discussing. It turns out that “The Talk” is a daytime… Continue Reading →

Wanted: Television role models for female academics

As I go into my third year of college this September, a recent article on The Guardian inspired me. I would consider myself an aspiring academic, and the article revealed the results from a report that stated only 12% of third-year female PhD students want a career in academia.This is not to say that a majority… Continue Reading →

NBC’s Parks and Recreation promotes feminism for everyone

As a media consumer, I usually have more to criticize than praise. Our televisions are constantly filled with stick-thin celebrities, diet ads, and negative messages about women’s bodies. So when a show has a woman-positive, even feminist message, it deserves recognition. Enter Parks and Recreation, a sitcom about small government in the fictional town of… Continue Reading →

Lesbian storylines make a desperate grab for Sweeps Week TV ratings

Sweeps Week, the week(s) during the television season when Nielsen ratings data is collected (most recently at the end of November), is not known for quality. What it is known for are live episodes, celebrity cameos, character deaths, cliffhangers, and of course, the infamous shark jump. But beyond these trivial stunts, a disturbing trend has… Continue Reading →

Women laughing alone (and on TV and in the movies) with salad

What’s the last thing you saw a woman eating on television? Once you start looking for it, it seems women eating salad are everywhere–and not a whole lot else. But sometimes even salad isn’t “lady” enough: A scene from the 2009 film The Invention of Lying limits women’s options even more. Jennifer Garner’s character (“the… Continue Reading →