Tabloids tell the truth in new media campaign

“What if we cared about those living in poverty as much as we care about celebrities?” ┬áThis is a simple question asked by WoodGreen Community Services to raise awareness about the daily struggles of single mothers living in poverty. WoodGreen, a large social service agency in Toronto, works to help people find job training, affordable… Continue Reading →

Body-shaming hits Bollywood

Over the years, there have been some pretty glaring examples of other countries caving to western beauty standards. For example, in 1999, a Harvard study documented the outbreak of eating disorders in Fiji, a nation that favored fuller figures until the arrival of television (and U.S. programs like Melrose Place and Xena: Warrior Princess) in… Continue Reading →

“Why do you want to look like someone else?”

A friend of mine recently sent me this video in which little Sophie, with the help of her mother, sends out an important message via YouTube. The title seems like a big DUH (“Beauty is Not How Skinny You Are”), but it surely is a message we don’t hear enough. The message extends past dissatisfaction… Continue Reading →

Disease as Spectacle

We came across a posting on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Daily Dish a few weeks ago, on Allegra Versace’s battle with anorexia. Here are some excerpts from the post: Fashion queen Donatella Versace‘s daughter Allegra is under medical care, battling a serious eating disorder. Donatella, 52, has expressed her heartache and has admitted Allegra was… Continue Reading →


When a popular British tabloid published a story on Kate Winslet’s secret plans to see a diet doctor, the actress not only got furious and made a public statement, but she’s also suing Grazia Magazine! Way to take action! Kate said: “I will continue to say what I feel about this issue of women being… Continue Reading →

News, News, News…

From government concerns with uber-thin models affecting eating disorder rates amongst women to models defending the fashion industry to the name-calling of an ex-model who’s gained weight… Here’s the news, people. Fashion & Government Many of you may have heard of Spain’s ban on excessively skinny models last year. Recently, Spain’s Health Ministry has been… Continue Reading →


I have a soft, round, and extremely cute belly and believe it or not, I’ve had many people (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) ask if I was pregnant. Look! Just because my stomach sticks out, doesn’t mean I am pregnant! It’s not easy embracing The Belly in an anti-belly world! And let’s face it, the media… Continue Reading →