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What we learned from the Olympics’ coverage of female athletes

This year’s Olympics in London provided some notable victories for women. It was the first Olympics where there were female athletes from all participating countries. And as always, the Olympics put strong, capable women in the spotlight. In a media landscape where female celebrities are often reported on for their fashion, hair style, or fluctuating… Continue Reading →

Yahoo! News paints women as just haircuts and heels

As the world of media becomes increasingly digitalized, most people are giving up the Sunday morning paper for an online news peruse. Suddenly, newspapers seem too long and burdensome compared to the brief, scandalous sound bites and one-liners that online headlines provide — Yahoo! News headlines, in particular. But what happens when “top news” becomes a… Continue Reading →

United Nations Women Board is led by… not a woman

Let’s get you up to speed. United Nations Women is the combination of gender-equality initiatives within the UN, and works to oversee the operational activities “based on policy directions set by the General Assembly, ECOSOC, and the Commission on the Status of Women” (learn more about them here). The 56th Commission on the Status of… Continue Reading →

What does pubic hair have to do with cervical cancer?

You’d think nothing, right? Well the Canadian Cancer Society sure has a surprise for you! Julyna, which I’m pretty sure is supposed to rhyme with vagina, is a new public health campaign which asks women to “trim their pubic hair into a creative design and solicit donations for doing so from friends and family.” Apparently,… Continue Reading →

Egyptian women are protesters too

By now, everyone on the Internet has heard of the protests in Egypt. Powerful and moving images saturate the media, bringing us face to face with these brave women and men. The New York Times offers this image on the left. The caption begins, “A protester consoled a woman during a demonstration.” Okay, let’s break… Continue Reading →