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Why “You look so skinny!” wasn’t what I needed to hear

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains information that may be triggering to people struggling with eating disorders. A few months ago, About-Face posted a link to Beauty Redefined’s article “When ‘You Look So Skinny!’ Does More Harm Than Good” to its various social media accounts. The authors, Lexie and Lindsay Kite, caution readers to be aware… Continue Reading →

Trending with toddlers: pole dancing?

Just when I thought parenting skills couldn’t become any more questionable, I come face-to-face with a new activity atrocity: pushing pole dancing for children, adolescents, and teens. I almost choked on my morning cereal (Don’t worry, it wasn’t Cheerios – I still can’t get behind their marketing mishaps) when I read a June 2011 article from… Continue Reading →

Can the Radio City Rockettes be revolutionary?

The Rockettes have long been revered as a glorified group of long-legged eye-candy, but recent changes to their traditional dance numbers claim to be challenging the show’s status quo. A recent New York Times piece “Rockettes: Rebooted for a New Era” highlights an attempted shift in the theme of the famed showcase and the function of its… Continue Reading →

Ballet critic takes on the Sugar Plum Fairy’s weight

Need an open forum to mock women’s bodies? Become a ballet critic! That’s what New York Times writer Alastair Macaulay did, and look how pleased he is with himself now. So pleased, in fact, that he felt entitled to defend his recent review of The New York City Ballet’s The Nutcracker. In the write-up, Macaulay… Continue Reading →