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Pssst… your t-shirt is saying something

Girls Will Be, a clothing brand founded and operated by Sharon Choksi from Austin, Texas, is very clear about what they are not, and that is, exclusively “girly.” Instead, the clothing line aims to let girls decide what they are: dog-lovers, bold and fearless, unafraid of bugs, and undaunted by robots. Free of the color… Continue Reading →

ESPN The Magazine: Are the women playing or just posing?

A short paragraph about the physiological wonder of the human body opens ESPN The Magazine’s 2013 body issue. In this paragraph, the magazine calls all bodies spectacular specimens, especially the athletic bodies profiled in the following 36 pages. However, the images of male (10 portrayed) and female (11 pictured) athletes tell a different story. Per… Continue Reading →

Who run the (advertising) world? (Beyoncé)

A couple of weeks ago, Beyoncé debuted her new song from a forthcoming album, “Standing on the Sun” in a commercial for H&M. Earlier in the year she launched a new $50 million campaign with Pepsi, including commercials, visual ads, and limited-edition Beyoncé Pepsi cans. Of course, Beyoncé also sang at President Obama’s Inauguration and… Continue Reading →

Maturing and menstruating with the media

For girls, growing up in the 21st century means contending with the media from a very young age. Be it Disney princesses or iPhone apps, the media’s influence is seemingly inescapable. But, what about getting your period? How do media messages affect girls’ perception of menstruation? I remember being thoroughly embarrassed as a kid by… Continue Reading →

Smart girl shares science (and scoops brains) on YouTube

Emily Graslie is into dead things, and she’s not afraid to talk about it. Emily is the Volunteer Curatorial Assistant at the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum at the University of Montana. She shares her knowledge of and passion for taxidermy, natural history, and animal specimen preparation (dead things) with me and other viewers worldwide… Continue Reading →