Yay! A “full-figured” model wins America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10!

Whitney on America’s Next Top Model
THIS is the model who won America’s Next Top Model last night.

Well, imagine my surprise when I tuned in to America’s Next Top Model (a Tyra Banks vehicle) to see which of the three finalists would win, only to see Whitney, a “full-figured” model, take the prize. It’s quite an accomplishment for the show, since Tyra gets all kind of flack for being size-positive on the Tyra Banks Show, her daytime talk show, but not supporting full-figured models enough on America’s Next Top Model. So finally Tyra reconciled her two TV pursuits a bit better.

We at About-Face are pretty pleased, though Whitney is not actually “plus-sized” by any stretch of the imagination. She’s pretty normal. But you know, the modeling and fashion industry needs this right now.

Watch and see more on the America’s Next Top Model web site.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, here’s a good recap of last night’s episode (the web site makes you install a Java applet, and the best bits are from 1:23 to 2:00).
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Tyra: “She’s not big, J. [Alexander, a judge]! This is the modeling industry — she’s considered big, but walking down the street, she’s just a hot chick.”

Paulina Porizkova [former supermodel]: “[Whitney] should not be called ‘plus-sized’ or ‘full-figured.’ [She] should just be called ‘beautiful.’ ”

Whitney: “I’m here because I do feel good about myself, and I want other women in America to feel better about themselves.”

Whitney: “[I realized] I can do that [be a model]. I don’t have to starve myself or have cosmetic surgery.”

It was all rather touching.

Is this a step in the right direction? Does it matter that there’s a larger-than-model-sized model who won? And what will it do for (or to) the fashion and modeling industries, if anything?

– J. B.

9 thoughts on “Yay! A “full-figured” model wins America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10!

  1. Although I am in support of this young woman winning “top” prize (AKA – living under a microscope of body judgment and back biting “support” from an unscrupulous and manipulative industry rife with compulsive liars) I do think her winning has far more to do with America’s Top Model enterprise finally bowing down to public pressure so the show can remain popular.

    The show is simply following yet another fad. The fad of cursing the fashion industry for its female body and weight expectations. America’s Next Top Model show is not being the change agent. Don’t ever expect them to take the lead in creating any meaningful change. Instead they are trying to set themselves apart from the monster they helped create in the fashion industry. This is a publicity stunt. This show, once a must see TV event, is simply responding to public pressure in an effort to clean up its image so it can continue winning over viewers.

    Do I believe this full figured model (Whitney) will have any real longevity in a “top model” career? Will she reach Tyra Banks former “Supermodel” status? No. The disappointing part for me is that she will live on this hype for about a year (if she’s lucky). She will then be constantly pressured to lose weight to remain in competition with other models who are thin.(Yes, “competition”. That is what the entire modeling/fashion industry is built on. Endorsing and pressuring women to compete against each other).

    With the pressure to become thin and to land more lead on the runway she may even give in to pressure. This would be very unfortunate but understandable. I don’t think she really realizes the lack of support she will end up having within the fashion industry in the end. Right now she makes a statement. Right now she is the new fad. Right now she is helping them clean up their image. When she no longer serves her purpose they will ditch her.

    I see this beautiful full figured woman relegated to pedaling plus size clothing for Addition Elle, or the like, and not on the “Supermodel” runway with the rest of the emaciated models built like little boys who have perfected the artificial pout.

    It is wonderful to see her win but I don’t think we should celebrate yet. Nothing has really changed. In one year I’d like to be proven wrong about her stature in this sickening industry. Then I’ll believe female body image expectation is really changing for the better.

  2. That’s great news, but I *really* wish you had put this behind a cut with spoiler alert so us non-US RSS subscribers didn’t find out the end before being able to watch it :/

  3. She is beautiful. Looks likes the girls in those old add (pin up’s). I am really glad she won, because she represents many woman that have a body similar to hers.

  4. Note: The above picture has been photoshopped. You can tell by the skin tone and perfect sheen of her complextion. The sheen is so spot on it almost looks animated. The sharp angles of her face contradict her roundish face on TV.

    Apparently the truth just wasn’t pretty and perfect enough.

    With the perfect sheen in this photo of her complextion she appears similar to a character in a digital video game. Notice how perfect video game characters are next time you play one. Right down to the smallest pixel the clarity and sheen is pefectly even. It’s quite surreal. There is not a single freckle, mole, or point of skin discoloration on Whitney in this photo(something that is natural in all hues and skin types regardless of being a model or not).

    I am also certain that her arms, gluts, and body perimeter has been trimmed by photoshop. Whitney appeared on Regis and Kelly last week. It occurred to me as she sat perched on top of her stool that she was much fuller in figure than the above picture portrays. Especially her arms.

    This is highly skilled manipulation from America’s Next Top Model photographers. They are so talented at it. Spot on.

    This is the same bull s**t you are looking at in magazines people. The exact same.

    I wonder if photoshopped Whitney can find a cyber photoshopped boyfriend as perfectly unflawed to match her beauty?

    After all, what man could possibly be attracted to the real Whitney after worshipping the photo of this one?

  5. When they said “full figured” they werent kidding! Look at those perfect proportions! She can really rock that figure of hers! I must say that she’s prettier than a lot of previous winners.

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