Curriculum Developer

About This Role
The Curriculum Developer will work closely with our Director of Programs to review, revise, and document the existing curriculum and assist in the creation of brand-new, highly engaging program content for the 2020-2021 school year.

Reports to: Director of Programs

About Us

About-Face frees girls* from the confines of our toxic culture so they can fulfill their potential. At the organization’s roots are activism, awareness-raising, body positivity, media and cultural literacy, a belief in the power of youth, social justice principles, and gender equity. We work with self-identified girls ages 12-18 in their schools, organizations, and social media to teach them critical thinking and skills centered on understanding and critiquing of our mainstream culture, including media and social media. We then transform that knowledge into activism skills that they can use throughout their lives. About-Face is in the San Francisco Bay Area and is working to expand its online and on-the-ground presence.

The work we do to empower teen girls*, turning education into action, is even more relevant and critical today, and as things progress quickly, we are shifting and evolving accordingly.

* “Girls” is inclusive of trans, cis, and self-identified girls as well as non-binary youth.

Required experience and skills
Solid examples of each of these are required for us to consider your application. 

  • Experience in multi-session curriculum design and development
  • 2 to 3 years of facilitation experience (such as workshops, classroom settings, and after-school programs)

Preferred experience and skills

  • Excellent research and observational skills
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • A deep interest in education and youth welfare, especially that of young women and girls
  • Fantastic writing and verbal communication abilities
  • Very sharp analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong ability to work under pressure
  • Willing to develop strong subject matter knowledge in media-literacy/social justice
  • Be able to engage learners with various learning styles, in order to develop youth’s critical thinking, leadership, and advocacy skills

Specific duties

  • Work with Director of Programs to revise existing Education Into Action programs curriculum
  • Assist in formalizing and documenting curriculum, with a distinction between middle and high school content (for purposes of online curriculum distribution and instructor training) 
  • Carry out observational assessments of current program content (online courses for now)
  • Plan implementation of curricula with Director of Programs
  • Expand on the existing curriculum to develop longer forms of curricula for school use

Compensation and benefits

Short term contract: $50/hour for 20 hours/week for 12 weeks. The Curriculum Developer will work under contract, which does not include medical or other benefits.

About-Face values diversity and strives to maintain a diverse team. People of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and those in other marginalized communities are encouraged to apply.

Please send your cover letter and résumé to Hénia Belalia, Director of Programs, at henia[at]about[hyphen]face[dot]org. Applications will not be accepted without a cover letter of 1/2 page to 1 page. PDF format is preferred for all applications.

Please be ready to provide a sample of a curriculum you have developed or co-developed.

Apply by Monday, June 22, 2020. Applications will be reviewed as they are received.