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who needs books? (or: books are for sissies)

Bud Light commercial: some women are sitting around in a living room having a book club meeting. A man, presumably a husband or boyfriend, enters with beer. He sits down, starts handing out beer, and dominates the conversation, cutting off his presumed girlfriend/wife and telling one of the other participants that “I’d love to hear you read sometime.”


Two: why can’t boys read? Seriously, Budweiser. Making one of your dudes respond to the question “Do you like Little Women” with “I’m not picky” is just offensive to everyone.

Three: the commercial says that Bud is a sure sign of a good time, as though a book club can’t actually be a good time?

Four: why can’t boys read? This commercial isn’t nice to anyone. It makes guys look bad, it makes girls look bad, and it pretty seriously makes me never want to drink Bud Light (not that I would anyway). –Melissa

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