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Victoria’s Secret says they’re “too sexy”

A censored photo of a Victoria's Secret store display
A censored photo of a Victoria's Secret store display

Even the chief executive of Victoria’s Secret thinks the chain may be getting too sexy, according to an article on the Associated Press (AP) web site. This is probably a reaction to the fact that sales have been slipping. I must admit that a sly smile crept across my face as I absorbed that info. Sisters, there’s a major point about capitalism and consumer power here: If we don’t like the message a company is putting out, and we stop buying the product because of it, the company may change its message. Keep that one in mind.

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The rich irony here is that Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 by a man who, according to the AP article, was “embarrassed trying to buy lingerie for his wife and hoped to provide a comfortable place for men to shop.”

Heck, I was shopping there 15 years ago and loved it’s little “English boutique” feel with a sexy twist. But when Gisele and the crew came around (and the catalogs, OH the catalogs! Don’t even get me started!), I felt the need to get away from it all.

Let these guys know you support their change back to their roots. Here’s how:

1) Call them at (614) 577-7000

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— J.B.икониикони

7 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret says they’re “too sexy”

  1. Haha!
    You’re absolutely right! Victoria’s Secret has become a bit too revealing. In fact, if you’d like to share this opinion with more people, why not join us at We’re a group of smart, eclectic women who exchange tips, news, and blogs. We’d love to have you check out, and possible join our blog.

  2. Since their ads began running on tv I have found it so hard to manage the discomfort. I feel embarrassed for the models and awkward with whoever is in the room. My daughters have asked, “Why’s she walking in her underwear? We ‘posed to wear clothes.”

    I am looking forward to spring and playing outside and letting the tv get dusty!

    I’ll make the call. Great site.

  3. The ambient advertising (displays with models straddling chairs and such) has gotten SO over the top that it’s as raunchy as the old Fredrick’s of Hollywood stores.

    I agree that VS used to be much more subtle, feminine, and romantic, before its pornification of flash-n-trash, and your point is well taken on the sales slipping. (though the Pink age compression has simply dialed down the demographic to an even younger market, and it’s doing well indeed, even cross-marketing at Bath & Body Works now. sigh…

    As Jennifer knows, Shaping Youth is filming a documentary on K-5 playgrounds called Body Blitz: Media, Shaping Youth to SHOW the trickle down impact and behavioral cues being exported onto wee ones (from body shame to vampy/campy stuff)

    -But when our society is giving VS models a ‘star’ on the walk of fame (for what? romping in their underwear?) then…well…you can see the message it’s sending to girls about ideals, fame, and what we ‘value’ in women as a societal statement overall.

    I’ve written a ton about ‘packaging girlhood’ and we have a whole category on body image at Shaping Youth, from Pussycat Dolls to Bratz, but here’s the VS one called, “Hollywood walk of lame” …Enjoy!

  4. The most pathetic part about Hollywood Walk of Famers is that those idiots, and the companies who parent them, pay for their own stars to be placed there. Yet more self promotion and ideas of grandure at thousands of wasted dollars. All to have your name engraved in what looks to be trashy bathroom tile. Come to think of it…now at all seems so fitting.

    You’re not just a star. You’re a SUPERSTAR!

    No go smell your arm pits Victoria Secret and shut about it already.

  5. p.s. I’ll also add that they MUST be getting desperate (or further age compressing to capture cross-marketing ventures) since they’ve added their ‘PINK’ promos to the previously healthy ‘Bath & Bodyworks’ store. Bleh, they’re infiltrating everywhere!!

    I’ve tried to AVOID the VS exposure w/my tween and shop anywhere but…yet it’s positioning collegiate style preppy pink puppy cuties to suck in every tween who will then be drawn into the very objectifying drek in the VS main store.

    sheesh…they deserve every ounce of parental backlash…for that cross-promo maneuver alone!

  6. I know I’m reiterating, but I can’t help it, as everyday we deal with ‘pink’ tweens who are getting toxified in VS expectation/wannabe mode…

    I’ll be speaking about this at the Preteen Alliance on 5/1 with the two hospitals sponsoring the nutrition/body image event…Come join me?

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