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Time’s almost up for Give Everybody a Bikini Body

Hey About-Face blog readers! Did you know we have a ridiculously exciting crowdfunding campaign going on through Indiegogo? That it’s our first one ever? And that it’s ending in THREE DAYS? It’s called:

As of right now, we’re at 98% of our goal, with about $150 left to raise in the next 3 days! Even $5 makes a difference! Hey, even sharing the campaign makes a difference.

“Bikini body!” you may say, “I thought About-Face was all about accepting your body as it is and rejecting media messages that tell you otherwise!”

Well, we are. But this month, here at the beginning of summer, we want to change things for girls — to revise the whole concept of the bikini body. And do a life-changing program for Bay Area girls to teach positive body image through media literacy.

Really, you should check out the Give Everybody a Bikini Body campaign page to find out what it’s all about and the great PERKS you can get for contributing! Bonus: You get to see me in my bikini.

We’re really not in the habit of using this blog for fundraising for our awesome organization. But this is a special occasion: We want to meet and then EXCEED our goal so we can transform even more girls’ body image. So here’s how to help Give Everybody a Bikini Body in these last days:

  1. Use the Indiegogo Share tools on the campaign page to be sure everyone you know knows about this campaign, and tell them why young women’s body image matters to YOU.
  2. Contribute a little or a lot. Can you throw $5 or more in the pot to help us get to our goal? Maybe go without 2 coffee drinks or a nail polish? Think about it!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and shared this campaign and those who have yet to do so. YOU are helping About-Face reach girls with media literacy and body image education who would not otherwise have access to it.

But this wasn’t really our idea. We at About-Face were so inspired by recent articles and images going around on the Internet that speak to the growing resistance to the bikini-body phenomenon. For example:

1. Graphic (below) that reads “How to dress for your shape” and “How to get a bikini body: Put a bikini on your body,” all over Facebook around May 2013 (original source unknown).

  1. “Let’s Nip this Bikini Body Bullsh*t in the Bud, Shall We?” by Katie Lowe on Fat Girl, PhD (3/30/2014) and The Huffington Post.

[The bikini body is] a media construction that exists only because it’s easier to make money exploiting insecurities than spreading body confidence.

  1.   “How to Tell if Your Body is Bikini-Ready in One Chart,” by Emma Gray on The Huffington Post, 5/19/2014

This flowchart leads the reader through various options, including “Have you gotten a bikini wax?” and “Have you had a baby?” — with all choices leading to “Yes! You have a bikini body!”

So really, let’s be done with this “bikini body” stuff, and help girls understand they really CAN be comfortable in their own skin, and wear anything they want if they feel like it.

Jennifer Berger is About-Face’s Executive Director, wrangler of volunteers, fundraiser, blog editor-in-chief, and all-around businessperson.

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