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It’s Okay to ask for help

It’s often easy to put your mental health on the back burner. We’re all busy with school, work, friends, and family; how do you find the time to fit in an appointment with a therapist as well?

For that matter, how do you decide if you need to visit a therapist or if you’re just being “dramatic”?

I was listening to the radio the other day and the host of the show made a comment about how tired he was of hearing about how many times Shia LaBeouf had been in and out of rehab. Other stars are admitting they’ve checked into rehab has well (Kesha and Demi Lavato just to name a couple).

While I think it’s good that these celebrities are not afraid to admit that they had to seek professional help, it can also make it seem like everyone has a therapist these days, so that means you need one too. Right?


If you have access, I believe it’s your own personal choice whether or not to visit a therapist.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or need to get something off of your chest or just need someone to talk to, then go for it! The university I go to offers free counseling services which is a huge advantage (although the wait for an appointment can take some time).

Your mental health should be at the top of your priority list, so make sure to take a break and check in with yourself. Your health is the most important thing!

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