The Benefit of Laughter

Benefit Cosmetics Storefront, Fillmore Street, San Franciscoonline casino
Benefit Cosmetics Storefront, Fillmore Street, San Francisco

I wore a beautiful smile all afternoon on Friday thanks to Benefit Cosmetics, and I didn’t even get a makeover! I was swiftly walking down Fillmore Street in San Francisco in search of food when I noticed a storefront window that read, “Laughter is the best cosmetic… so grin and wear it.”

The sign gave me an instant self-esteem boost and put a smile on my face, especially considering that I hadn’t had the time to put make up on that morning. I was surprised, considering that it’s advertising a cosmetics company, but this somewhat counter-advertising worked! Here I am writing about it, after all, and the shop’s little pick-me-up actually made me want to go inside.

Unlike most beauty ads that make us women self-conscious, then tell you that they can fix whatever blemish they just helped you discover you have, this little ditty on the window at Benefit Cosmetics is accomplishing the same goal, but by attracting consumers in a positive way. Benefit Cosmetics is helping women feel good about themselves as they already are, and reinforcing the very healthy mindset that true beauty lies within–all this while still making sales!

So if this type of advertising works and reinforces healthy psychology, then why do we continue to put up with being berated in most advertising? What can we do to get advertisers to shift toward creating more ads like this one?


6 thoughts on “The Benefit of Laughter

  1. I wonder if the Benefit Cosmetics folks will read this!? If anyone else reading this supports this kind of ad, you can thank them on their Contact page.

    …and get on their e-mail list on the BenefitCosmetics web site.

    We should give positive feedback to the companies that do good advertising while still going after the ones that harm our self-esteem! -Jennifer

  2. I have a friend over there at Benefit … sending her the link to your blog, so they’ll be sure to read it. 🙂

  3. I also told the manager at this particular store that I would be writing a blog article about their advertisement. I gave her the link to the blog, so hopefully she will see it too.

  4. love it. benefit always has great little sayings on their packages and sites.

    i suppose most companies are ‘afraid’ to go the counter intuitive route fearing that if a woman laughs she will no longer require their products in order to “fix” what a chuckle couldn’t.

    everyone knows laughter is beautiful, but it just seems a little sparklier with some lipgloss on…haha, and maybe that is exactly what the benefit marketing team knows all so well!!!!!

  5. This is brilliant! I’m very happy to see that at least one place is making people feel better about themselves…rather than using their insecurities to sell products.

    Plus, what a great saying!!

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