Shocker: Lingerie models who look like real women

Let me just tell you about this amazing lingerie catalog I just got in the mail. No it’s not Victoria’s Secret — I’d sooner toss my cookies than look at Victoria’s Secret catalog (or store) ever again. I actually found a lingerie catalog that makes me feel like I might actually look good in the lingerie! My new catalog of choice is: Julianna Rae.

Hmmm, let’s have a look… Gasp! Do I see a little bit of arm fat on that woman on page 7? Do I spy actual attempts at racial diversity? A hint of cellulite on page 15? A woman’s formerly pregnant belly on page 28? And oh my gosh! That one on page 23 might be actually a little bit older than 23! She could even be … 40!

jrae3.jpg, jrae2.jpg, jrae1.jpgPage 5: She's no skinny girl.Page 18: Buxom blondes aren't the only ones who wear lingerie...

The thing is, a little bit of arm fat or cellulite doesn’t ruin these women’s looks one bit. They all look happy. And even to my raised-to-attain-an-unattainable-ideal self, these women look truly beautiful, not to mention sexy. And shockingly, I almost feel normal when I look at the pages.

Amazing enough, the most wonderful thing about Julianna Rae’s marketing isn’t the models. It’s that you can shop by body type, either through the catalog or on the website. And none of this “wide hips” or “small bust” typing that only makes you feel “less than.” Juliana Rae wants you to feel like the beautiful flower you are:

Find the Right Fit
Now, Juliana Rae is no Victoria’s Secret, and this is no low-rent catalog. The products are a lot more expensive, but they’re also incredibly high-quality. (I can vouch for this: When I got married about eight months ago, someone gave me one of the Il Cieli reversible robes, and I’ve barely taken it off since.)

Page 28: Not everyone's tummy is perfectly taut.
The company seems to have built the idea of showing real women, and selling to them, into their founding statement. From the Julianna Rae Our Story page:
“Most of us do not look like supermodels (or regular models for that matter) but that doesn’t mean we look like a bag of potatoes (no offense to potatoes – we love them in all forms!). We are healthy, active, independent women who have a sense of style and more importantly, of ourselves. We deserve clothes that fit our lifestyles and our bodies – clothes that make us look and feel great.”

What you can do. When we dislike a certain company’s marketing or advertising, we should be speaking out and refusing to buy their products and encourage others to do the same. The reverse is also true: This is an opportunity to support kind, caring business practices. So if you’re as impressed as I am, show your support by at least writing an e-mail or letter to Julianna Rae. And if you like the products, go buy yourself something pretty! –J.B.

3 thoughts on “Shocker: Lingerie models who look like real women

  1. Good – but could be a whole lot better. Models are still relatively thin – even if you search by ‘rose’ body shape. Of course there are commercial pressures at work here – but lets hope that they get even braver.

  2. It’s nice to see what the Julianna Rae company is doing…but the concept of “real” will be made more genuine this fall when Better Than Chocolate Boutique launches. You’ll soon see images of real women in their real lives in tasteful lingerie and active wear. Our logo is a chocolate truffle: “beautiful on the outside, but what is truly wonderful, like each of us, is what’s on the inside.” We hope you will join our blog in the meantime as we discuss body image issues like: “Images Stick to Us” and how we all play a part with our positive choices.

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