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Seth Rogen wants to be fat, Cameron Diaz stuck as “superfit secretary”

Cameron Diaz can’t wait to get fat again.

Did I say Cameron Diaz? I meant Seth Rogen.

For his starring role in the goofy action flick The Green Hornet, Rogen lost around 30 pounds to fit into his superhero gear and his alter-ego power suits.

But in an interview, Rogen said he enjoys being fat, and he’s admitted that by losing weight, he “sold out” and let down his fans.

Honest words. But bold ones, in a society that pushes an impossible standard of bonzai beauty that encourages us to starve our bodies to stunt our growth.

Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz’ trainer Teddy Bass has offered up a “Celebrity Workout Plan” to help women sculpt themselves into “superfit secretary” sidekicks (I won’t even get into the “secretary” issue, but…seriously?).

Superheroes do the impossible. They fight injustice, protecting the poor and the picked-on from the tyrannical Evil Geniuses and Malevolent Masterminds.

For our valiant readers, is there anything more tyrannical, more insidious, and more worthy of vanquishing than the Beautocracy?

Can you imagine if Seth Rogen had stood his ground, or better yet, if it really had been Cameron Diaz?

But maybe we can’t look to the movies. Maybe we can be our own superheroes.

Me? I have the power to be proud of my body. I’m comfy in my shiny Lycra costume, no matter what the size on the tag reads, and diets are my only Kryptonite.

Can you leap conformity in a single bound? Do you have the confidence of ten strong women? Can you dodge a speeding snarky comment?

What are your superpowers?

Heidi Heilig is a bookwriter, lyricist, playwright, and journalist born in Hawaii and living in Brooklyn. She holds a BFA in Drama and an MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. When she’s not arguing on the internet, eating cookies, or writing songs, she can be found contributing to the About-Face blog. Check out her website at http://www.heidiheilig.com/.

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