Quilmes: A beer commercial I can get behind

Check out this commercial for Quilmes (one of Argentina’s most popular beers):

What is different about this beer commercial than ones we typically see? What is lacking? What is included? How does it make you feel?

Granted, this isn’t to say Argentine media lack the machismo our friends below the equator are famous for. But I can’t think of many other alcohol commercials that avoid images of sex altogether and that choose to, instead, highlight something so simple and wonderful as laughter.

Regardless of the message, though, remember that a commercial is selling you a way of life, be it a sexual one or one filled with laughter. I’m not condoning the message that beer will ultimately bring you these good times, but an ad that makes you appreciative of laughter among friends and strangers sure is better than ones that bombards you with images of bikini-clad women and insinuates that beer brings you this sexual lifestyle.

How did this commercial make you feel? Do you wish more commercials were like this? Is it more acceptable to use laughter to sell beer than it is to use attractive women?


3 thoughts on “Quilmes: A beer commercial I can get behind

  1. I really appreciated this commercial because, not only did it avoid sexual imagery and the objectification of women’s bodies, but it also displayed men and women of all different ages and (possibly) lifestyles. We saw middle-aged men and women in a board room, younger women in a bathroom, young men and women in a kitchen, etc. And everyone was having a sincere, un-glamorized, genuine good time. I think it is okay to advertise the idea that beer can lead to laughter because it definitely is one of the possibilities that the gathering of people and the consumption of good food and drinks can lead to.

  2. If you’re using the word acceptable, you need to think of the culture you’re referring to and its audience that would invest in the product being sold the most. The product is beer. This commercial from Argentina is targeting a wide variety of people, all of different shapes, sexes, and races, who presumably enjoy laughter- therefore enjoy beer. So yes is it more acceptable in Argentina because the commercial is targeting the whole market, not excluding anyone. Let’s be honest, everyone loves to laugh!
    in America, home of the free and easy, no, it is not more acceptable to use laughter to sell beer, because who is targeted to drink beer in the US? Men. Not women, only men. So the edgy and “forward thinking” advertising executives have created a simple yet ultimate male fantasy: women and beer.
    This commercial is fabulous because it does that. It does not zone in on the sexualization of beer and how drinking alcohol will get you laid 99.99999% of the time

  3. I agree, it is a great commercial. Wouldn’t it be great to see a beer ad like this in America, and didn’t just target men? Whenever alcoholic drinks are advertised to women, it’s always fruity things with pretty pink colors. Not that I don’t enjoy a strawberry margarita every now and then, but as a female beer drinker I’m a little annoyed. I love Guinness, and whenever I order one the server gives me a strange look. And s/he also gives a strange look to my husband, who drinks Smirnoff sometimes (one server asked him if he knew that was a “girl” drink).

    I noticed the other day how beer billboards always have a 2:1 female to male ratio. I see it a lot in other media, but for some reason beer billboards almost always do this, 99.99999% of the time (to use Sarah’s statistic).

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