Curriculum for About-Face Education Into Action Workshop


The About-Face Education Into Action Curriculum lets you teach our 60-to-90 minute workshop to teens of all genders. You do NOT have to be a teacher or have other special professional training to teach this curriculum. 


  • 50-page About-Face Education Into Action Curriculum Guide (download)
  • Access to Google Slides presentation to customize for your group (via e-mail)
  • Access to About-Face Media Catalog with ongoing updates for relevant media (via e-mail)

This one-year license lets you deliver the About-Face curriculum, requiring only a computer and projector (or equivalent tools). We request that you send us follow ups when you complete a workshop.



Product Description

Goals and Objectives of the Workshop

  1. Give youth a set of critical thinking skills that will further their media literacy and fluency.
  2. Present an overview of systemic oppression, social constructs, and harmful stereotypes portrayed in media.
  3. Introduce youth to social change and youth-led activism.

Impact and Outcomes

Over the years, we have been able to make statistically significant improvements for girls related to satisfaction with one’s appearance, reduced importance of looking like people in media, increased self-esteem, and a decrease in behaviors such as dangerous dieting. We assess and measure outcomes for the girls in our programs using rigorous statistical analysis.

License Information

A copy of the Non-Exclusive License Agreement of the curriculum is provided here and in the Curriculum Guide. By paying for a license and downloading this curriculum, you agree to the terms of the license. 

Here are some highlights of your license in plain language:

  • The purchase of this curriculum functions as a one-year license for use of the About-Face curriculum, presentation, and Media Catalog. After that time, if you choose not to renew, your access will be revoked, and you may not use this curriculum for any reason.
  • This Guide and the slides are protected by copyright law. You may not copy, modify and/or distribute them in any way.
    • The only slides that may be changed are Slide 1 by adding your name and gender pronouns (you may not remove the About-Face logo) and the slides where you will choose your own media (most have black backgrounds). 
  • This license covers only “one seat” which means that only one person (the licensee) may use each purchased license. However, the licensee may present the workshop to multiple organizations or schools using these materials. We’ve kept the price of the curriculum license low so that organizations may purchase further licenses affordably. Please respect our work and our request. 
  • This curriculum is not limited to school and nonprofit use. Anyone in any community may purchase this curriculum, so long as the curriculum is use for non-partisan and non-discriminatory educational purposes only. For example, non-teachers may teach it in a school upon permission from the school. 
  • You may not charge a fee to present the curriculum. We recognize that some presenters may present the curriculum on a volunteer basis, while other presenters may be paid a salary to present the curriculum in connection with their regular job duties. However, any person or organization that presents this workshop may not charge another person or organization a fee to participate in the workshop. 
  • You agree to complete and submit Workshop Follow-Up Forms at the end of each workshop you facilitate. The Follow-Up Form is at 

The full license agreement can be found here.

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