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Photoshop that baby!: Gisele in London Fog

New Victoria's Secret--erm--London Fog Ad
New Victoria's Sec--erm--London Fog ad.

According to a press release [PDF] issued yesterday, Gisele is the new face, or rather, body, of London Fog.

Yes, these photos are very provocative and a bit ridiculous, considering the product she is modeling (I know I go out in the cold and rain like that all the time!).

But something else about the campaign struck me as discussion-worthy: Gisele is pregnant, but you would never guess by looking at these ultra-Photoshopped ads. Does London Fog think that pregnancy is unattractive and something to hide?

I found the press release comments regarding her pregnancy a bit strange:

Dari Marder, Chief Marketing Officer, London Fog, commented, “Nobody is sexier or more beautiful than Gisele Bündchen in nothing but a London Fog trench coat, even with her visible baby bump.

Because nothing is more gross than seeing a supermodel carrying her baby? Why couldn’t it be “especially with her visible baby bump”?

Marder added, “Although Gisele was photographed while pregnant, most of the shots have been retouched to respect her privacy during this wonderful and personal time in her life.

I wonder whether the marketers or Gisele wanted to specifically edit out the baby bump to “respect her privacy?” It feels like what they’re really saying is: “the shots have been retouched so we don’t have to show the small amount of unattractive baby weight she’s put on at this early stage of her pregnancy.” I wish the case would have been, “to celebrate this wonderful and personal time in her life, the shots have not been retouched.”

The campaign’s press site features a few behind the scenes photos, as well as some other ads. Here are two to compare:

Behind the scenes photo from Giselle's London Fog shoot
Behind the scenes photo from Gisele's London Fog shoot

Gisele in another London Fog ad. Can you spot the Photoshopping?
Gisele in another London Fog ad. Can you spot the Photoshopping?

What are your thoughts on this new campaign?



4 thoughts on “Photoshop that baby!: Gisele in London Fog

  1. I remember feeling awkward and odd during my first pregnancy, then my lovely driving instructor said something to me I’ll never forget. He said “My wife has been pregnant three times. She’s never had a fat day in her life.” Then he grinned. “I think pregnant women are gorgeous.” He was right! Pregnant women are the embodiment of precisely what the female body is designed to do. Wouldn’t it be nice if we appreciated this more openly?

    I do notice that The View has a heavily pregnant hostess at the moment. I might not agree with everything she has to say, but I love that she’s saying it while she’s sitting there, heavily pregnant, working, opinionated and contributing!

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