Oh copyranter, I am tickled.

Bon mots abound in copyranter, a blog from an ad copywriter from NYC:

“Jugs missing Caps. Puppies missing Noses. Pillows missing Buttons. Boulders missing Crevices. Ad apparently from Mexico for Mia “seamless” lingerie. Is it a good ad? No. Why am I posting it? DUH — it’s sleazy, and I’ve got a reputation to uphold. Added note: the obvious implants contribute to the seamlessness and seaminess. related: WonderBra ad doesn’t show breasts, bra.

To see the NSFW (not safe for work), NSFL (not safe for life) ad, click here — but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Copyranter often strikes a note halfway between thoughtful and enraged, which, given the content of some of these ads, makes a lot of sense. I wouldn’t recommend reading his (yes, his) blog if you have a problem with profanity. However, the sheer volume of ads in the archives is worth checking out.

He also says, “In the 21st century, misogyny in advertising is still rampant, rampant, RAMPANT! You wanna know why? Because many, many ad agencies are still basically just boys’ club bastions with hardly a female writer or art director in sight. Women belong at home, supervising the Roomba!” Wow! How thoughtful. And correct.

— A.I.

4 thoughts on “Oh copyranter, I am tickled.

  1. Sorry, I’m really not getting this. Where the hell are her nipples? I’m a little freaked out that I can’t see the nipples.

  2. I think the point is that the bra is seamless and therefore, so unobtrusive that it will almost look like you were made that way?

    I mean, I think it’s pretty gross and stupid, too.

  3. The ad was disturbing to me too.
    Women have nipples, and the world should just deal with it. Nuff said, LOL!

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