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News, News, News…

From government concerns with uber-thin models affecting eating disorder rates amongst women to models defending the fashion industry to the name-calling of an ex-model who’s gained weight… Here’s the news, people.

vertmodelafpgi1.jpgFashion & Government

Many of you may have heard of Spain’s ban on excessively skinny models last year. Recently, Spain’s Health Ministry has been working with several top-name, Spanish fashion designers to find ways for the fashion industry to curb unhealthy body image among women and girls. Standardizing clothing sizes is one of the several agreements they reached. Way to start a trend, Spain!Italy, France, U.K. and the U.S. are beginning to think about (that is, sorta kinda ponder) this as well. About-Face is glad to see that these countries are beginning to see a relationship between the fashion industry and eating disorders, but merely reporting on this isn’t enough. It’s time to see some actual changes! STAT!

gisele_bundchen_1501.jpgBundchen and Family Values?

Gisele Bundchen, a Brazilian model, says that the fashion industry should not be to blamed for promoting eating disorders. Lack of family support is the problem, she says. She knows first-hand! Ms. Bundchen has strong family support which helps her maintain a healthy body image.Um … No matter what the situation, it is always a bonus when your loved ones support you and help keep it real. However, Ms. Bundchen’s opinion doesn’t seem to account for the fact that there is only one body type seen as beautiful in the fashion industry. And it’s of the thin to uber-thin type. Family support or not, women are likely to feel pressure to be thin. And
some women might go to great lengths to achieve it.

Tyra on the cover of People MagazineT-T-Tah-Tyra

In other news, Tyra Banks is stunned! Ms. Banks, a former model and now the host of America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show, was appalled to find pictures of her in a one-piece bathing suit mocked as “fat”! She tells People magazine that she has gained weight, but is happy with her size. She was also sure to add that the pictures taken of her were “snapped at an unflattering angle,” making her look heavier than she actually is.Though Tyra is trying be a positive role model, it’s unfortunate that her weight gain is an issue, and an issue she feels forced to defend! With so much controversy over what’s too thin and what’s too heavy, it’s hard to have a positive body image at all. It’s good see Tyra is trying to work through hers. She seems to make a concerted effort to be honest about it.


4 thoughts on “News, News, News…

  1. Tyra Banks. A beautiful woman. I always thought that she was a little skinny but very beautiful.. Now that she has been putting on weight I think that she is a woman that can be looked up to. Many times I have heard her make comments to other women that they need not be concerned with this or with that. She is in a position to change the way that women view what the perfect woman is like.

  2. i think she looks awesome now, and and always. anyways, she’s soooo tall. i hate whenpeople look at the numbers, and only the numbers.

  3. It is well known that eating disorders are mulit factorial and while the fashion idustry does not cause eating disorders they do promote and enhance the negative body image.
    There is a saying with eating disorders genetics loads the gun and evironment pulls the trigger. I really think that if society was looking at woman with all sizes and figures…looking towards what is healthy woman and men alike would be less likely to look at their own bodies in disgust.
    I truely believe I would have not been such a critique of my own body.
    Government’s cannot control everything and it would be a very boring and scary world if they did. But we do need to have saftey precautions in jobs. Electrictions do, doctors, truck drivers do, military need to have physical checks, so why not the fashion industry.

  4. Speaking as a teenager myself, the pressure to be thin has severely increased. The majority of females in my high school are extremely thin, some have not even developed curves, what would(or should) be considered the natural shape for young women. In some cases, I see these girls eating a lot, and wonder if it’s all down to simple genetics..but how many are genetically fortunate(naturally) and how many are deliberately starving themselves or throwing up? It’s impossible to tell!
    To not be hypocritical, I should admit that I have very low self-esteem, and I am affected by the “perfect and ideal” body images that are shown. Yes, I do hate my body. In comparison to these slim-lined, skinny girls, I feel huge.
    I’m 5″8 and weigh round about 9 stone. 3 months ago I’d dropped to just below 8 and a half, but was forced to recover. I find “outsider’s” opinions on young peoples’ behaviour very insightful, and also helpful, as it allows me to believe for a moment that my body shape is perfectly healthy and natural.
    Don’t stop commenting!

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