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THIS JUST IN: men need to drive Dodge Chargers because they are constantly emasculated in their daily lives by having to do the following things:

  1. cleaning up after themselves
  2. going to work
  3. talking to their girlfriends
  4. watching True Blood
  5. shaving
  6. putting their underwear in the hamper


Sorry, all men everywhere, I didn’t realize I was cramping your style by expecting you to be a reasonably neat person who helps with household duties and works a job and stuff. I know cleaning is for ladies and all but I don’t think it’s really killing you to have to clean out the sink after you shave. I can’t even imagine what driving a Hyundai might to do your manhood. Or worse…a Yaris. Good thing Dodge is there to help you figure out your sexual identity. I mean, thank god.


ps viva beards

2 thoughts on “MAN’S LAST STAND

  1. I knew you were going to post about this commercial. When I first saw this on T.V., I was like “lolz, Melissa.”

    But seriously, this commercial, ~_~

  2. Taken to its logical conclusion, these ads read: Why don’t hetero men leave if their masculinity is threatened? If men hate relationships so much what’s keeping them in them? Oh yeah, sex and the kids. So why not go to a brothel and see the kids on every other weekend? Problem solved guys. Shut your whining!!!!!!!!!!

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