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“Make Me Young” makes us think about the world of anti-aging

I laughed, I cried, I contemplated Botox.

It’s true – filmmaker Mitch McCabe’s awesome documentary, Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain, was a serious roller-coaster ride through the world of anti-aging, stirring up all kinds of emotions.

The daughter of a plastic surgeon, Mitch explores her fascination with going under the knife by traveling across America, interviewing a host of patients, experts, and skeptics.

What I found so touching and refreshing about Make Me Young was that it didn’t seem to have a moral message, condemning those who opt for nips and tucks. Nor did it glorify the $60 billion a year anti-aging industry that keeps us all anxiously monitoring our crow’s feet and frown lines.

Mitch just wants to talk to people, and find out what they think about themselves, and our youth-obsessed culture. And along the way, we get some insight into her personal past, and how her dad’s work seriously impacted her own preoccupation with growing older.

Watch the trailer below, and if you feel like laughing and crying your way through an exploration of injections and lifts, order the DVD on Amazon.

— Michelle Konstantinovsky is a student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and an avid admirer of shiny objects and preteen entertainment. It would be nice if you visited her website: www.michellekmedia.com. Also, she may learn to use Twitter more effectively if you follow her @michelley415.

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