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Lo-Rider gives us the “Skinny”

By January 28, 2008 10 Comments

I came across this music video a little while ago, courtesy of my trusty sidekick, YouTube. Here’s the censored version, but it is still naughty and potentially NSFW (not safe for work):

What do you guys think about this song and its video? I’m somewhat on the fence about it. On one hand, I do think the women in the video are stunning, and it’s certainly a change from the totally desexualized fat woman image. On the other hand, I don’t think the solution to that is to sexualize women of all sizes equally. On one hand it shows the women in a sexualized domestic setting, which is sexist. On the other hand, it doesn’t demonize the men in the video who are attracted to larger women. On one hand, it shows the women eating, which to me brings up the question of feederism or fetishism. On the other hand — I don’t know. It’s fruit! It’s healthy!

So are kudos in order, or are you concerned? Tell me all about it.

–A. I.