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Latisse: A Medical Prescription to “Cure” Short Eyelashes

Prescription eyelash treatment Latisse
Prescription eyelash treatment Latisse

While I was watching reruns of a family-friendly sitcom the other afternoon, a commercial came on advertising longer and fuller eyelashes. Usually commercials with promises of pumping up eyelash volume are reserved for mascara. This commercial, however, was for the prescription medicine, Latisse. The commercial informs the viewer that one must consult a doctor before using the beauty product.

Though the common side effects are relatively harmless (itchy eyes and redness), the fact remains that the Latisse advertisers are selling doctor-prescribed medicine to improve one’s appearance. Through the bumping music, the before-and-after shots, and the spokesmodel Brooke Shields, the commercial lures viewers into thinking life would be better with long eyelashes. With the long eyelashes Latisse would give them, they too could have fun at parties and flirt with men as Brooke Shields would.


It really took me aback that a medical body “enhancement” procedure is being advertised on daytime television. Not only was this medical cure to a non-existent problem being sold to viewers, it was being sold during a family oriented show! With the beginning of summer comes a sharp increase in the number of children watching television during the day. The chances of tweenagers watching this commercial are high.

No woman needs to be told her lashes are “inadequate or not enough” but especially young girls should not be subjected to the notion that their bodies need fixing.

If you want to make your voice heard about these advertising techniques, you can contact the makers of Latisse through the Allergan web site.


5 thoughts on “Latisse: A Medical Prescription to “Cure” Short Eyelashes

  1. Wow- so sad. Not only are they trying to alter the outside of our bodies, but also the inside, as we ingest prescription medication….

  2. My husband and I are always making fun of this commercial – “inadequate lashes”? I think it even says your eyes could TURN ANOTHER COLOR as a side effect. That is just scary!

  3. All I can say is this product has been a blessing for me, since I have a disorder that restricts my hair growth. I have crappy hair that requires me to wear hair extensions on my head just to appear normal and not half bald, and my eyelashes were non existant before I tried this product. I wore fake eyelashes for years, to look “adequate”, or normal. I looked like a cancer patient without them. Now I have eyelashes and its great to be able to go out in public not feeling self conscious of how I look. I even use it on my sparse eyebrows. This product probably seems stupid, but then again, you probably have eyelashes and eyebrows. Yes, some people with decent lashes probably dont need this, but for those of us who have suffered years of having little to no eyelashes and brows, it’s amazing and a total self confidence boost.

  4. Hello, first comment on this site that I recently fell in love with. I’m a fifteen-year-old and I consider myself to be as active as I can in the feminist community. I generally find myself sitting in front of the screen and shaking my head at the horrid advertisements objectifying women, and smiling and that ones that don’t. However, this product is not in any means what it appears to be. My mother has a permanent case of Belspalsy. It has definitely damaged her self-esteem, and her confidence overall. The left side of her face is paralyzed, and she has lost all of her eyelashes. She can’t smile. She can’t laugh. And she constantly thinks that she is flawed and ugly. Most people have this condition for a month or two, but recover from it. However, my mom’s case of Belspalsy has stayed with her for almost three years. She and her doctors have come to the conclusion that this handicap is permanent.
    Anyways, she has recently been prescribed this product, and it has helped her self-esteem immensely. She now feels a little more beautiful with long, dark, lashes, and I am very happy that this product played a role in her emotional recovery. Obviously, it won’t cure her Bels, but it makes her feel a little more confident and normal. So honestly, I think this product is wonderful.
    However, I did think this was a very good observation. I agree and disagree with the message this beauty remedy sends. In my mother’s case, though, it is indeed a blessing.

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