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Lady with Babe

alison_1.jpgOne of my best friends, Alison, is expecting her first child this March. Auntie Alyza sure has a nice ring to it, no? Alison is one of the few women in my life who rarely critiques her body — something many women have trouble with in general.

Because many of her loved ones live out of state, Alison uses MySpace to keep her long-distance friends updated on the hows and whats of her pregnancy. We visually track her pregnancy with pictures she posts every week. It’s been a delight! What I love about these pictures are her poses. Alison does funny plies, uber-sarcastic “sexy model” expressions, funny 80’s midriff shots, and every once in a while, she takes a simple shot of her glowing, smiling self. Alison’s baby boy will be lucky to grow up in a body-positive household! It’s refreshing knowing a pregnant woman is having fun with her body, since most of us feel burdened by the extra pounds.


Here’s what Alison says:
“People have joked that I’ve been gaining some weight. They make sure to tell me that they are joking, but I never take it seriously because I know that I am gaining the right amount of weight per my pre-pregnancy size. I eat so I’m full and know that I am nourishing another growing life.

“Earlier last year, I interviewed for a nanny job with this lady who was due to have twins. She was a ridiculous exerciser. Despite being pregnant with twins, she said she had only gained around 25 pounds. That’s the bare minimum that a woman like me should be gaining with ONE child. It kills me that some women are more concerned about their weight and image during pregnancy than creating another life.”

Alison is a great role model for all of us, not just the pregnant ones! This is why I love Alison — she’s a great role model What’s your take?

— A.J.

3 thoughts on “Lady with Babe

  1. A pregnant friend of mine recently complained that she was getting so “thick.” This response completely surprised me. Have we become so obsessed with being thin that we have started to eschew the miracle of pregnancy? What a tragic biproduct of the social pressure that is placed on women to maintain trim figures.

    Cheers to Alison for loving her pregnant body (aches and all…what a champ!) And thanks to About-Face for featuring her and her adorable pics.

  2. This is the way that all of us women should be. Women today are so concerned with image and making sure that we do not look silly or stupid. What we should be concerned with is that our children, especially little girls, learn that women do NOT have to be perfect to be beautiful.

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