Kirstie Alley diets, forgets to eat, falls over on “Dancing With the Stars”

Kirstie Alley, I love you.

Really, I do. Even though you’re a proud member of the Church of Scientology, and you’ve made a few really questionable career moves. I still think you’re awesome.

Admittedly, I’ve never made it through a full episode of Dancing with the Stars, but I DVRed this season’s premiere just to see you work it. And you really did.

But when Jezebel alerted me to what went on during Monday night’s show, (sorry, I had to stop DVRing that mess), I was really disappointed. Watching you repeatedly fall over in rehearsal, only to tell the cameras it was due to the measly 150 calories you consumed that day was rough.

And it was really unfortunate watching you tell your DWTS partner Maks that you’ve been subsisting on a low-calorie diet while dancing for hours each day.

And it’s kind of lame that when you were questioned during the live show, you said, “I wasn’t intentionally not eating – I forgot!”

Really, once you’ve declared yourself a Fat Actress, hawked Jenny Craig products, launched your own weight-loss line, and hung out with Oprah multiple times (once in a bikini) to talk body issues, the jig is up that eating is a daily struggle you don’t easily “forget” about (nor should you).

But the lamest part in all of this is the endless adoration you’ve gotten from the judges, fans, media, and more for dropping pounds. Everyone is so quick to pat you on the back for getting thinner (and just as quick to compare you to a pig for not getting thin enough), but no one cares if that weight loss comes from disciplined dance rehearsals or semi-starvation.

Come on, Kirstie, you know better than this. And I’m rooting for you (figuratively of course because I can’t stomach any more episodes of DWTS).


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