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Kim Kardashian… further playing into straight male fantasy

By February 6, 2011 3 Comments

Well, hetero male Super Bowl watchers, if you’ve ever fantasized about doing it with Kim Kardashian, there’s this commercial is for you. Look, she’s lying on her back! Oh, but then she’s breaking up with you… I mean her trainer. So she can spend more time with… her shoes?


Is it a commercial, or is it soft-core tease porn? And how much more sexist could a Super Bowl ad get?

In what may be the most appropriate use of her butt ever, Kim stands on her tip-toes to throw a towel over her workout equipment, which emphasizes her ass-ets even more.

At the very end, she walks by an “average Joe” kind of guy who is not as ripped as man #1. Thus, men can feel like yes, they really do have a chance with Kim Kardashian.

Oh Kim, if only you had a little self-respect.