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“Keep your hands of my mama; keep your hands off my Doritos.”

By February 7, 2010 2 Comments

OK, so this Doritos commercial. A man knocks on a door holding a bouquet of flowers. A woman answers, graciously accepts them, and invites him in to wait while she finishes getting ready. As she’s walking toward the back of the house, her date very obviously checks out her behind and gives her a really creepy up-and-down without her knowledge. Little does he know, the woman’s young son is watching from the living room.

The man enters the living room and begins making small talk with the little boy, who is clearly upset with watching his mother being objectified. As the man reaches for a Dorito from a bowl on the coffee table, the boy drops his video game control and slaps the man in the face. “Keep your hands of my momma,” he says threateningly, “and keep your hands off my Doritos.”

This ad is an awesome departure from the usual Doritos fare of hot women eating chips. It’s not totally free of objectification–they seem to be winking at their typical commercial style even if they aren’t completely departing from it. There’s something problematic about the woman in the ad being compared directly to a bowl of food. But I’d like to think that this little boy would be just as mad at this guy and as protective of his mother even if the man hadn’t dared to eat his food. In fact, he drops his controller in anger before the man even enters the room.