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Is it just us? We really don’t think so.

Designer Marc Jacobs is really rubbing we About-Facers the wrong way lately. Following on the heels of his ad showing Dakota Fanning as a Hollywood tartlet and some other ads with dead-looking women and nubile girls laying in the grass, we’ve got the newest in the series: Victoria Beckham in a shopping bag.

Victoria Beckham in a Marc Jacobs bag

In this ad, Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) literally becomes a product to purchase. Never mind the disembodied legs and suggestion of violence. Has she been killed and then put in the bag? or is she about to be taken home and put in the closet?

According to a recent New York Times article, the photographer asked Victoria, “You’re kind of a product yourself, aren’t you?” He reports that “She was, like, ‘Uh, yeah.’ “

We will give Marc Jacobs one little point for putting the fabulous M.I.A. on display so all can see her greatness. But that’s all. Just one point.

Thanks to (which you should be reading every day!) for the tip.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Marc Jacobs that you think this ad shows women’s bodies, and women, as products, and that you will not be buying his goods any time soon. Go ahead and e-mail these people: Asa Larsson at and Renee Barletta at, and fax 212-966-0782.

And then remember, don’t buy any Marc Jacobs stuff.

For more bad ads and ways to talk back, check out our Gallery of Offenders (brand new update coming soon).

–J. B.

2 thoughts on “Is it just us? We really don’t think so.

  1. Well… “Posh” does mean “smart and fashionable” don’t ya know?

    Count on a Spice Girl to make submissive women spreading their legs fashionable. (Did I say women? Get serious. I meant little girls. That is the demographic the Spice crew are marketed to.) Thank you so much Posh and Mr. Jacobs. Now little girls everywhere can live up to such low expectations.

    Definition of Posh: Port Overboard Starboard Home. (I don’t give a shit what direction we’re travelling in just get her off the boat.)

    And those are also some damn ugly heels she’s wearing too.

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