How NOT to dress your baby this Halloween

High heels for babies? We don't think so.

My mother has always called high heels “modern-day foot binding.” Foot binding was a practice in China to wrap, bend, and even break women and girls’ feet to keep them small so the feet would be perceived as more appealing. The damage was extensive, and many women were permanently disabled. Although the damage is less severe with high heels, the principles are the same.

Now a company called Heelarious is selling high heels for infants 0 to 6 months. This product is marketed as a joke but there are very real implications and consequences of having these shoes in the world. In addition to grooming babies into the painful practice of wearing these types of shoes, creating versions of very adult products for very young girls is very problematic. Women’s high heel shoes are made to accentuate certain aspects of women’s bodies to make them “sexier” (i.e. flex one’s calf; make one’s butt stick out, etc.). Do we really want to sexualize our 4-month-old babies with these shoes? The animal prints the baby shoes come in only exacerbate the sexual connotations.

Want to take action? You can e-mail the company at, or call them at (425) 646-HEEL. You can also contact Lindsay Lefler, the Vice President of Corporate Communications at 913 S. Mansfield Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036, or at There is also a way to e-mail through the website.


3 thoughts on “How NOT to dress your baby this Halloween

  1. I don’t think that these shoes are “grooming babies” into the practice of wearing high heel shoes. After all, the babies are less than 6 months old and will not remember anything about this. And if parents are just doing this because they want to have some fun, I don’t think that any harm has been done. I mean, really, people have been dressing their babies into little sailors or buying them caps with little bunny ears on top. If you take things so seriously, what would you say about that?

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