gym_2.jpgPicture this:

You are out with friends on a Friday night at a bar. There is a drunk woman stumbling and constantly bumping into others. As she orders another drink, the bartender expresses concern over her intoxicated state and thus refuses to give her another drink. He insists on calling her a cab. Meanwhile, the owner also expresses concern for the woman and also insists that she be driven home.

What do you think?

Most of us agree that the bartender and owner of the bar acted responsibly and intervened in an appropriate manner and the woman’s safety was at risk, right? We may even feel that the bartender and owner needed to take action and had they not, it would have been neglectful.

Now picture this:

You have just finished your workday and you are heading to the gym to work out before meeting a gym_1.jpg friend for dinner. While on the elliptical machine, you notice a woman running on the treadmill. She is looking rather emaciated with her exercise clothes hanging off her. Her skin looks pale and she appears faint, even though she is exercising relentlessly. You feel uncomfortable watching because you think she is going to pass out. Her emaciated physical status also concerns you. You notice people looking at her and then continuing with their workouts. One of the gym’s trainers notices the woman on the treadmill and continues with his task. You keep thinking about her as you shower and dress. You leave the gym and head to the restaurant to meet your friend. You have a leisurely dinner lasting close to two hours. When you finish and say good-bye to your friend, you head to your car, which you parked near the gym. As you get into your car, you notice the emaciated woman leaving the gym. You realize that she must have exercised for close to three hours.

Is this a problem? Have you had this experience while working out at your local gym? How did this make you feel? Do you think any action from the gym staff should have been taken?