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Girls Rock! The Movie: See it, love it.

By April 23, 2008 8 Comments

Amelia playing guitar with her teeth

(Amelia playing guitar with her teeth, from
Girls Rock! The Movie,
www.girlsrockmovie.com. Photo by Nicole Weingart)

Using your voice powerfully isn’t just about being a loud, outspoken bad-ass chick — something we grown women often want for girls. It’s also about finding your vulnerabilities, and turning them into strengths. This came to me, a grown woman, while watching 8- to 18-year-old girls learn how to play instruments and sing in a rock band.

Alyza (About-Face’s Director of Programs) and I saw Girls Rock! The Movie when it played in San Francisco recently. The filmmakers interviewed some of the campers at the Girls Rock Camp in Portland, Oregon, as well as their parents. What resulted was funny, fun, true, and transformational.

Watch the trailer for the movie:

By the way, we are still trying to cleverly answer the question, “How do you tune a taco?”, posed by the performance-artist type Amelia in one of her many improvisational and truly weird songs. That line was such a crack-up.

Laura singingLaura, a young woman adopted from Korea, says early on, “I pretty much accept that I hate myself.” But later, she says, “I’ve been waiting so long to admit to myself that I’m amazing.” (That’s Laura there on the left. Photo by Nicole Weingart from www.girlsrockmovie.com.) At that moment, I wished we all knew that we’re amazing from the day we’re born. It gave Alyza and I fresh hope, and a reminder that girls still need to be taught to find their voices, get on stage, and use them — the earlier, the better. We’re working on that here at About-Face.

Take Action! Support Girls Rock! The Movie, and the Girls Rock Camps. Here’s how:

1) See the movie when it’s playing near you with or without a girl in your life. (Click here for screening dates/locations.)

2) The Girls Rock Camps need your support to keep raising girls’ self-esteem through the medium of music. Make a donation to the rock camp of your choice. There are camps all over the country, including one on July 7-12 in About-Face’s home base, the San Francisco Bay Area.

3) Send your daughter, niece, cousin, or young friend to Girls Rock Camp this summer. She doesn’t need any prior musical training to be a camper.

Did you see the movie? Leave your comment below.

— Jennifer