Get published! Write for the About-Face blog!

About-Face is looking for new bloggers to help keep our web site current and fresh! As an About-Face blogger, you will have the opportunity to help women and girls understand and resist harmful media messages, have your writing published, become a better writer, and have a productive outlet for expression. Please note that this is not a paying position, but a volunteer opportunity.

Issues We Cover

* Images of women/girls in media messages: billboards, advertisements, etc.

* Female icons/sex symbols such as Paris Hilton, Barbie, Bratz dolls, etc.

* Female celebrities representing, promoting, or experiencing body image problems

* Women in the media working in media and possibly being discriminated against

Timeline and time commitment

This position will start as soon as possible! We are looking for writers who can turn in a 150-500 word blog entry once or twice a month. All work will be sent through e-mail, and bloggers will often have to submit a second draft after the first one has been edited and returned.

Duties and Tasks

* Finding various media that relate to our mission and learning how to incorporate them into our blog

* Turning in blogs on time and working with editors’ comments in a time-efficient manner


* Interest in how media affects women’s and girls’ body image, self-esteem, identity, self-image

* Responsibility – commitment to turning in assignments on time, communicating clearly with a reasonable manager/editor

* Strong writing and analytical skills


To apply, send these items to Sabrina Sierra, Blog Manager, at blogmanager@

* A brief e-mail that tells us what would make you a good fit for this role

* A writing sample between 300 and 500 words

You should hear back from us within a week of applying, depending on the volume of submissions we receive. Thanks for your interest!

3 thoughts on “Get published! Write for the About-Face blog!

  1. I’m quite interested in this opportunity. Could you maybe share a few details about About-Face and the blogging here?
    1. Does this position pay? or are there any other benefits?
    2. Do you know how many subscribers the blog has? or about how many visitors the site has each month?
    3. How many blogger positions are available?

  2. -This position does not pay, but you will gain writing experience and be able to add this work to your resume or portfolio

    -I will look into the number of subscribers this blog has and the number of visitors this site has each month and post those answers here as soon as I have them.

    -We do not have a set number of positions. We are looking for quality over quantity in our blog writers.

    As far as more information about About-Face and our blog, I suggest that you browse our blog archive and explore our website in order to get a good sense of our organization and our goals.

  3. We don’t know how many subscribers we have, but our blog has gotten an average of about 3,060 views per month (over the past six months) and our website has averaged about 22,205 unique visitors per month (since January).

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