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FloTV: Change out of that skirt, Jason

FloTV’s ad: Woman and man are walking through a store and she’s shopping for clothes. Announcer, who is in the picture, says “Jason’s spine has been removed by his girlfriend.” Then Jason and his girlfriend are shopping for “lavender candles”, which is “preventing him from watching the game.” The announcer guy then states that Jason really should have this floTV product that would let him watch the game and NOT spend time with his girlfriend at all. Awesome.


The ending quote, “Change out of that skirt, Jason.”

You know, they really are handing them to us this year, and I’m really learning a lot about how men are supposed to behave, what their lives are supposed to be, and how they should not, under any circumstances, let women control them. (See Dove, Dockers, and Dodge Charger ads for other examples.)

Because guys really should not forget how limited their behavior and their gender expression really is. That would threaten… what? Their watching of the Super Bowl? Beer sale?


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