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Fat Rant: You Must Watch This

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe we missed this for THREE FULL MONTHS.

Watch! Watch! She’s fat, and she’s OK with it!

Thanks, Alison, for the major tip!

— J.B.

19 thoughts on “Fat Rant: You Must Watch This

  1. You had some good comments. My views are: Fat is good. My husband finally made me realize that fat is what is attractive, not a 110 pound bag of bones. Men really do like fat women. Now, I am confident and I wear whatever I want-halter top, mini skirt, tank top, sun dress, and yes, oh yes, a bikini!!! And I get complements and honks and whistles all the time!!!!! Women, unite and don’t be ashamed to be fat! Be proud of it!!!

  2. Right-on sista’! I just love the voice and spirit of an empowered woman who thinks for herself & choses to be true to her nature. I highly value health & fitness and have also learned to celebrate my body for how it IS today – strong, amazing, beautiful and yes some might say…a little “fat”–but life’s too short to worry about that! Rock-on!

  3. I couldn’t resist reposting this on my blog and in my message boards. Even though I have a weight loss program I do not believe in diets and I don’t believe in telling anyone what size or weight they should be. Health and happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. I heart this video.

  4. for all of us woman who have daughters, now is the time to get on the anti-diet bandwagon. I have spent 30 years filling my time with thoughts abouts losing weight and dieting–and in reality I am not even overweight! and who cares if I am!!! I think about all the valuable thinking time we woman waste trying to be someone we were never meant to be.

    my friends and i just started our website, to try and put together all the great info out there that is starting to really change the way we should think.

    take a look, let me know what you think.

  5. This is a wonderful video. One of the points she makes is that women often won’t do things until they lose weight. I am a nutritionist and have heard truly scary comments from my clients such as “I won’t go and get a pap smear until I lose 30 pounds”. But why wouldn’t they feel this way when even some doctors have the “fat prejudice” thing going on in their offices. And, by the way, there are some thin peope who are actually fat. These are the people who diet, lose muscle and lean body mass and are thin but still retain fat. They are just as much at risk of degenerative diseases such as diabetes and heart disease as any fat person. Conversly, there are fat people who are healthy.

  6. Thank you for showing this. It’s wonderful to see a healthy woman stand up and demand to be treated as such. Enough with the patronizing comments about how you’d be soooo pretty if you only lost 20 pounds, and to hell with the outright disgust visible on the faces of the bigoted and self-loathing!

  7. WOW WOW WOW she’s my new hero! and im so happy i have seen this video. sooo funny and sooo true! im sending it to my friends straight away!

  8. This video-clip is WONDERFUL! I was mesmerized, firstly because everything she says makes so much sense!! And she is so beautiful too! Such a positive role model for women everywhere, I wish this were compulsory viewing for every teenage girl out there! Thank you so much for creating this and for linking it to this briliant website too as I never would have found it otherwise 🙂

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