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Dove Does It Again with Pro-Age Ads

Oh Dove, how you woo us. In the latest series of ads meant to motivate women to buy products based on positive feelings about themselves, Dove has created a truly sassy commercial for Pro-Age, a line of products for women over 50 years old. Here I’ve posted some still images of the commercial, which you can watch on the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty web site.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not even close to 50! Why should I care?” Listen sister, you are going to be 50 someday, so don’t you need some positive role models who actually feel comfortable in their skin? Raise your hand if your mom (or older sister, or aunt, or grandmother) hates her (insert body part here). Let’s see some women who love their (insert body parts here).

The Campaign for Real Beauty web site states that Dove couldn’t show these commercials on TV. I’m not sure whether TV markets wouldn’t accept it (the women are nude, after all), or whether posting it on the web site only is just a marketing tactic.


Dove also took out a four-page ad in Oprah magazine’s March 2007 issue that spotlights one of the women in the ad. (If you have a copy, please send us a scan of it… submissions@

Congratulations to Dove for continuing to help women feel good about themselves. You may be selling us beauty products, but at least you’re not insulting us in doing it.

— J. B.

6 thoughts on “Dove Does It Again with Pro-Age Ads

  1. Yes, hooray again for Dove and its marketing of positive images for women. Now, can we please get the darn things on the air where people will actually see them? Between the “banning” of this ad and the new Vaseline ad that seems to celebrate everyday bodies in at least some way, I have to wonder if we’re not being kept from these empowering images for a reason beyond the skin they show. After all, the “nudity” we see in Victoria’s Secret and Go Daddy ads is much more sexualized than anything in these ads. Americans are such hypocrites, and those who control commerce and consumption are so transparent!

  2. Praise The Lord & She The Universe Who Has Spoken!

    I’m a soon to be young 49 year old woman, who is sexy delicious and scrumptious. I’m told it everyday by my fans who are my 2 young sons, young daughter in laws & grandchildren among the few.

    I have cellulite and dimples on my hips and buttocks, my medals of honor.

    I’m bursting with joy that Dove knows it!

    That you very much for giving credit where it’s due.

  3. HELLOOOOOOOO??? Anyone home out there?

    I could”nt be more insulted by the exploitation of our elderly… Cant we show our beauty with out parading “women” around for Doves sake?
    Sex sells! All dove is interested in is hitting the market and making a money. come on… if this is what Dove thinks we need to get our self esteem raised they have long lost any morals and compassion for women. They don’t need to be exploiting ANY of our women, and I can’t believe your applauding them.

  4. My sister showed me that ad. It made me so happy! The women in the ad are actually very beautiful.



  5. I,loved the commercial,I saw the teaser ads on tv.Voice
    over says?”Dove is about to show that beauty has no
    age limit.Unfortunately we can;t do it on television.I,was
    curious about this new Dove promo.Once I,took a look
    at it.six nude 50’s,something women I,was so amazed
    how these ladies bravely showed there true seleves.How
    ever I,agree with this campaign,I,hope Dove don’t turn this real beauty cause into a sex sells add.Because
    if you notice ladies,these women do look slightly made
    up.But I,do support this proage campaign,now at 45
    I,feel very good about my nude body.

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