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Dove ad for men: all the rites of passage end up as pressure

The new Dove ad for men’s products runs through all the various rites of passage in the white, heterosexual male world, including having a girlfriend, getting married, having a bunch of kids, succeeding in your career. And then the guy ends up washing himself with Dove body wash in the shower.


At first I started yelling at the screen about how it was reinforcing so strongly the masculine stereotype, but then the awesome Jason, our Education Into Action intern, said “I liked it. It acknowledges that it’s hard to be a guy, with so many pressures.” Melissa thinks that only if you fulfill all the other manly expectations of your life can you reward yourself by using Dove body wash. And Sara thinks that you should remember to use the body wash if you’re going to accomplish all the other typical male rites of passage. What did you think?


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