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“Doll Face”: Art or Life?

Here’s an incredible short film by Andy Huang about how hard we try to be something we’re not, and never will be. 4 minutes. Very worth your time, and safe for work.


One question: I can’t figure out what’s happening at the end. Why is “she” trying so hard to get to the TV? What do you think is going on?

???? ??? ????-J.B.

7 thoughts on ““Doll Face”: Art or Life?

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  2. The television holds the image of what the “girl” wants to be.
    As the television moves away the “perfect image” is getting harder and harder to reach. In this video, literally, but metaphorically, the ideal is getting more unrealistic and more dangerous. At the end of the video, the image is so hard to reach she stretches herself to the end of her physical capacities. However she feels she needs the image so bad that she “breaks” herself to try and reach it— this is a metaphor for how the media’s unrealistic standards damages females’ physical, emotional, and cognitive well being.

  3. In agreement with hzinn (which i question if that’s short for Howard Zinn? i admire hiim!), the video clearly depicts the unrealistic nature of women striving for something that they later realize is humanely unachievable.

  4. There is a Youtube of this video, but where the audio is instead the song Illusion by VNV Nation. You should see if it is still up there, the lyrics to the song match perfectly with the imagery. The chorus of the song is, “This world is just illusion, always trying to change you”

  5. Wow, this is very…disturbing and amazing.
    And, the music, though simple, really brings the whole thing together–very melancholic.

    The TV, like hzinn said, is just the “perfection” that gets more unrealistic as time goes on. The more unrealistic it gets, the more dangerous it gets, and the more people (womyn) will try harder and harder to reach it–even at the point of self-destruction, which we see all the time in the media (ie. eating disorders, plastic surgery obsessions, phobias of being seen without make-up, etc…)

    Very thought provoking. Very well done.
    I’m sharing this with all my friends and family.

  6. also, once you start reaching for that ideal, you can’t stop because the real word around you will never match the one on the screen. it becomes your world, but it’s unattainable, so you have no choice but to keep reaching and reaching unless you find a way to break out of it.

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