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Do you want to win America’s Next Top Model or the Nobel Prize?

Whitney, An America's Next Top Model Winner
Whitney, An America's Next Top Model Winner

It’s absolutely appalling that 25% of young women questioned in an Oxygen TV poll reported that they would rather be awarded first prize on America’s Next Top Model than be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! A total of 50% said they would happily marry an ugly man if he was rich!

I thought this was incredible too, speaking to female competition: “More that 25 percent said they’d make their best friend fat for life if it meant they could be thin.”

What is going on with our female population? Is anyone paying attention? Where are our priorities?

Where have the parents, teachers, and mentors that should be influencing and encouraging

Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize in Literature 2007
Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize in Literature 2007

young females gone? Has the media completely overpowered them? Young women are constantly being bombarded with frivolous ideals and goals that are only short term. Beauty is fine, but the type of beauty that is being promoted won’t last. Eventually we all get older despite that wrinkle cream.

What will happen to girls with this mindset when they hit 40 and realize that their first prize on America’s Next Top Model does not qualify as job experience? It would be very sad if one day they wake up and realize they are unhappy in their marriage since they only married for money, but they can’t escape… they are entirely dependent. Will they turn to plastic surgery? Become alcoholics? Commit suicide?

No! Something needs to be done now to prevent this absurd youth consciousness. I am asking for your help. What ideas do you have? How can you reach out to young women in your community to turn this around? And asking you to cast your vote in the comments: America’s Next Top Model or Nobel Prize, which do you choose?


8 thoughts on “Do you want to win America’s Next Top Model or the Nobel Prize?

  1. How about a poll that once asked: would you trade in 10 years of life in order to lose the last 10lbs? more than half of the women said “yes” to that. (Why are women always targets of such polls and scrutiny?)
    It’s a crazy world. But then it always has been. It seems that “beauty” has always been in the forefront of everyones dreams, asperations, and desires.
    What’s sad, further, is that 90% of the population seems to only focus and exalt only ONE kind of beauty.

  2. Of course, Oxygen viewers are probably not representative of the public at large. I hope.

    I would much rather win the Nobel Prize (in my case, although the Peace Prize would be wonderful, my preference would be for a Nobel Prize in Literature) than even appear on America’s Top Model.

  3. Au contraire, I’d guess they are pretty representative of mainstream “regular” women… I want the Nobel Prize! It would probably be less work for me than entering America’s Next Top Model!

  4. Great post, Jaimie!

    With the choices you offered, I’d definitely take the Nobel Prize but my first choice is an Oscar for writing and/or producing.


  5. Great post!
    For me, I’d much rather the Nobel Prize! It would be an honor to have something so incredible rewarded to me.

    America’s Next Top Model…ick. I hate it.
    In the mail, I always get letters asking me to participate in modeling shows, and my Mom always tries to get me to do it. I always tear them up and toss them in the fireplace.

    Who wants to be known for their body?
    I want to be known for my mind and personality.

    Where have all those teachers gone? Well, I think they’ve been just as influenced by the media as the young girls have.
    My Mom, many years ago, used to be one tough cookie–she was my hero. The person I wanted to be when I was older. She was never afraid to stand up to anything or talk back to my Dad. But now, things changed. She feels that she needs to cater to my Dad in every way, she’s been talking about how fat she is–considering plastic surgery to change her nose, etc! And she’s 52 years old!
    …it’s unfortunate that now, I can’t call her much of a hero anymore. She’s swallowed everything the media spit.

    I’m just glad I haven’t been influenced to the point of no return. Sure, I admit, some things in the media have gotten to me–and I’m the type of person who isn’t easily influenced (too stubborn for it).

    So, speaking from experience, the media is very powerful. And the urge for acceptance pushes people to follow the societal ‘laws’–meaning, all those old teachers started shoving their beliefs down into their pants.

    It’s a shame.

  6. Danielle,
    Thanks for your comment on my article. Your story felt very powerful and nearly moved me to tears. It’s sad that your mom is pressuring you to use your body, and that you feel you lost your hero. You’re right, these media messages effect women of all ages. I’m very proud for you that you have managed to stay level headed.

  7. I don’t think it’s fair to ask teen girls or young adults to compare, and than condem society for their answers. First sex sells, flash sells just look at Vegas, but when we don’t grow our children boys and girls to know the bennifits of winning The Nobel Peace Award that they can do it in their youth, not just be cute or nice or say yes mam or no sir. IF we teach them Respect and what that means, to themselves, to others. I think than young people will know they can do both, be beutiful and have the Nobel Peace Award. We make society what it is. And we can empower the younger generation.

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