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Do you want to win America’s Next Top Model or the Nobel Prize?

By March 31, 2009 8 Comments
Whitney, An America

Whitney, An America's Next Top Model Winner

It’s absolutely appalling that 25% of young women questioned in an Oxygen TV poll reported that they would rather be awarded first prize on America’s Next Top Model than be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! A total of 50% said they would happily marry an ugly man if he was rich!

I thought this was incredible too, speaking to female competition: “More that 25 percent said they’d make their best friend fat for life if it meant they could be thin.”

What is going on with our female population? Is anyone paying attention? Where are our priorities?

Where have the parents, teachers, and mentors that should be influencing and encouraging

Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize in Literature 2007

Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize in Literature 2007

young females gone? Has the media completely overpowered them? Young women are constantly being bombarded with frivolous ideals and goals that are only short term. Beauty is fine, but the type of beauty that is being promoted won’t last. Eventually we all get older despite that wrinkle cream.

What will happen to girls with this mindset when they hit 40 and realize that their first prize on America’s Next Top Model does not qualify as job experience? It would be very sad if one day they wake up and realize they are unhappy in their marriage since they only married for money, but they can’t escape… they are entirely dependent. Will they turn to plastic surgery? Become alcoholics? Commit suicide?

No! Something needs to be done now to prevent this absurd youth consciousness. I am asking for your help. What ideas do you have? How can you reach out to young women in your community to turn this around? And asking you to cast your vote in the comments: America’s Next Top Model or Nobel Prize, which do you choose?