Questions To Consider

  • What incident is this song about?
  • What is the significance of the other women onstage and singing with Kesha?
  • How does this performance connect to or inform the #MeToo movement?
  • What is the emotion that Kesha wants you to feel during this performance?

What We Think

It was easy to feel for singer Kesha when she came out with sexual abuse allegations against her producer Dr. Luke – and even more so when Sony would not release her from her contract with him a few years back. Even the music video for “Praying” was totally moving. But we really weren’t ready for her powerful performance at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

It was nothing short of cathartic. Flanked by more than a dozen fellow singers, all donning white in support of the #MeToo movement, Kesha delivered a heartfelt performance of her song, “Praying,” a catharsis written about the ordeal. More than just a song about female empowerment, “Praying” espouses not only self-acceptance and self-confidence, but moving on, letting go, and — just maybe — forgiveness. On top of that, having other formidable women singing alongside her, Kesha’s performance highlighted the not-yet-common-enough sight of women supporting and standing by other women in both trying times and in success.

In a perfect world, there wouldn’t ever again be a story of sexual assault or harassment, or a work of art borne out of abuse, but Kesha’s journey, and “Praying” in particular, have surely helped other survivors feel empowered to engineer their own happy ending. — Amanda E. Snyder

Where We Saw It

The Grammy Awards, Jan. 28, 2018