Now live! “Digging In with About-Face” episode 1 with Virgie Tovar

We’re pretty excited at About-Face to share a brand-new video, “Digging In with About-Face”, a monthly video series where badass women sit down to eat cake and rant and rave about how they are represented in media and culture.

We love how spontaneous and unedited it is!

For our inaugural episode, I shot the s*&^ and had a lot of fun with this episode’s co-host, Virgie Tovar, the totally brilliant author, speaker, and amazing person who constantly blows me away with her wisdom about breaking up with diet culture.

Here’s the official description:

In Episode 1, Executive Director Jennifer Berger and activist and author Virgie Tovar chat about the media they’ve loved this month, what they’re rolling their eyes at, and what they’re looking forward to. Unedited and raw, this conversation is full of laughs, media critique and, of course, lots of cake.

This is no ordinary media critique video — we have a great time and we hope you will too.


Virgie Tovar is on Instagram at virgietovar, and her website is www.virgietovar.com.

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Jennifer Berger is About-Face’s Executive Director.

2 thoughts on “Now live! “Digging In with About-Face” episode 1 with Virgie Tovar

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  1. I appreciate Virgie Tovar really providing nuanced discussion and introducing perspectives that make me re-think my own ideas about said subjects..but when it comes to eye rolling, unfortunately the other co-host was the target of my eyes not only rolling but twitching. As a woman of color, she reminds me of the “Beyonce-worshiping white ally” I encounter on a daily basis that ends up talking over me and I just painfully nod my head so I can exit the conversation asap.

  2. Yeah, I guess I have that effect on people sometimes. I’m sorry for making your eyes twitch. I’m working to find the balance, but more than anything, wanted to share the platform with Virgie.

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