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Dairy Queen helps little girls stay flirty and dependent.

By May 9, 2008 11 Comments

Courtesy of a tip from Feministing, this ad from Dairy Queen, showing a little girl flirting with a little boy to get him to buy her a hot fudge sundae. Now, maybe my dad would say it’s cute. Or maybe not.

There are so many things wrong here:

1) The little girl seems to know she’s attractive — why else would she assume the boy would buy her a sundae?

2) When the girl says “make it one,” at first I thought it was because she was watching her weight. Is that the advertiser’s intention?

3) An 8-year-old girl is already into courting and flirting. (Not unlike how many of them also know about being “sexy” and “hot”.) Also, she first seals the deal with the boy at the same moment the mother says the word “temptations.” Accident? I think NOT. The advertising agency wrote the script and synchronized it with the commercial’s action.

TAKE YOUR OWN ACTION: I’m gonna go let Dairy Queen know how I feel about this ad that encourages gender stereotypes that encourages girls to be dependent and manipulative. I hope you’ll do the same. Here are some ideas.

  • Go to this web page to give ’em a piece of your mind.
  • If you’re a Dairy Queen customer, don’t go there for a while. (Resist!) Or pull the super-gutsy move: Go to your local Dairy Queen, ask for the manager, and tell him/her that you are not buying anything there because of this ad. Heck, fill out a complaint form while you’re there!
  • Call DQ Corporate headquarters: (952) 830-0200 (I just checked the number, and yes, a real person answers.)
  • Write a real, paper letter and send it to:

American Dairy Queen Corporation Headquarters
7505 Metro Blvd
Edina, MN 55439

We hope you’ll let us know whether you took these actions in our comments below, and what the result was.

– J. B.