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Cankles: Another body part to obsess over

Part of Gold's Gym's "Cankle Awareness" campaign
Part of the Gold's Gym "Cankle Awareness" campaign

“Cankles” is a charming term (like “love handles”, “muffin top”, “saddlebags”, etc.) that describes yet another thing women are made to feel insecure about: having ankles the size of one’s calves.

As reported on Feministing, Gold’s Gym graciously took a step to eradicate this nonexistent problem by declaring July “Cankle Awareness Month.”

News sources like the Today Show, ABC News, and even the Wall Street Journal also acknowledged Gold Gym’s publicity stunt as newsworthy.

Both the Today Show and ABC News report that ankle size is a genetic predisposition. The first solution they offer their news-seeking audiences is liposuction in the area. Popular news sources advocating surgery for a body-type trend? Ankle size is not a medical condition, and yet, it is being treated as something we should rush to talk to our doctors about.

Cosmetic surgery is promoted as a cure for cankles
Cosmetic surgery is promoted as a cure for cankles

Cankle Awareness Month is apparently a humorous attempt to get people in the gym, but I’m not laughing. Call me crazy, but I don’t think breeding insecurity among the already body-conscious public is funny.

If you want to defend ankle diversity, you can send your feedback to Gold’s Gym through their web site. You can also contact the Today Show, ABC News, and the Wall Street Journal to let them know how you feel about their news content.

— Ashley

2 thoughts on “Cankles: Another body part to obsess over

  1. It’s absolutely ridiculous that this is seen as so serious, and especially that it’s seen as worthy of cosmetic surgery!

    I am definitely not going to support Gold’s Gym. I want the gym I go to to inspire me to workout for my health, not shame me into working out because they’re saying some part of my body is a disgrace.

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