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“Slip of the Tongue”: Questioning ethnic make-up

I stumbled across the Media That Matters Film Festival web site while randomly searching for documentaries online. After browsing through the taglines of numerous films on the site, one description immediately intrigued me: “What’s your ethnic make-up?” A young man makes a pass at a beautiful stranger and gets an eye-opening schooling on race and… Continue Reading →

“Why do you want to look like someone else?”

A friend of mine recently sent me this video in which little Sophie, with the help of her mother, sends out an important message via YouTube. The title seems like a big DUH (“Beauty is Not How Skinny You Are”), but it surely is a message we don’t hear enough. The message extends past dissatisfaction… Continue Reading →

PETA and Feminism Don’t Mix

I love the satirical newspaper The Onion. Their sharp and hilarious cultural criticism makes me laugh and makes me think. A little while back they featured this video about how People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) uses the objectification of women in their advertising:

Sarah Haskins’ Target Women is On Target

Have you noticed that every shampoo commercial looks the same? Or that diet product commercials are everywhere at the beginning of a new year? Comedian Sarah Haskins has. And for the past couple of months, she’s produced Target Women, a series on Current TV that hilariously and critically examines the advertising world of women’s products…. Continue Reading →

Young, Fat, and Fabulous… or maybe not?

Take a look at this segment that aired on Good Morning America on June 15th. The piece is called “Young, Fat, and Fabulous,” and it seems to advocate for women to have a healthy self-image at any size, but the message may not be so clear… [youtube][/youtube] Did you notice the uneven general tone of… Continue Reading →

Macho = Misogynist in Carl’s Jr. Ad

Yet another awful Carl’s Jr ad: [youtube][/youtube] OK. Here’s what I learned from this advertisement: 1. Men like buffalo wings. 2. Men want to be cool and macho. 3. Eating Buffalo wings, ogling waitresses, and disrespecting your girlfriend are all a part of being cool and macho. Wait. What?

A Brave Step for Mainstream Rap: Webbie’s “Independent”

If you have seen popular music videos recently, you know that women are often wearing little clothing and dancing provocatively around men. The lyrics to these songs can be just as oversexualized, if not more so. Although there is no shortage of music featuring women in these second-class roles, there is a brave new popular… Continue Reading →