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Sophia Bush thinks Urban Outfitters is as bad as we do

There’s nothing better than a celebrity who recognizes how sucky the media can be. Sophia Bush (“One Tree Hill”) isn’t about to fall prey to any warped body image messages, and she doesn’t think you should either. The actress recently took to her blog to rant about Urban Outfitters’ offensive “Eat Less” t-shirt. Here’s what… Continue Reading →

Does Urban Outfitters Want Women to be Skinnier?

Urban Outfitters’ latest gasp-inducing product is a form-fitting v-neck tee that screams “Eat Less” across the front. It’s another example of clothing corporations trying to be hip and edgy without realizing the influence their clothing has on impressionable young girls, especially when it comes to body image. [Note: As of 10:55pm PDT, the shirt photo… Continue Reading →