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Are TV game shows sexist?

I’m a game show junkie. I’ve devoured television game shows from the time I was little, home sick from school, until now, after dinner with my roommates. They’re quick, fun, usually educational, and appeal to my really competitive side. So it all works out nicely when I can claim victory over a Final Jeopardy answer…. Continue Reading →

Proenza Schouler and “Top Model” get waist-ed

Flat abs, lean legs, perky breasts: these fashion industry staples have been mandated so long, you can pretty much expect to find them on any straight-size model. But what’s the newest must-have on the runways? A teeny-tiny, impossibly thin waist. Obviously, this trend isn’t a new one (ever heard of a corset?), but recent media… Continue Reading →

We love (this interview with) Margaret Cho!

“I didn’t mean to be a role model,” says Margaret Cho. “I just speak my truth.” Well Margaret’s truth is blunt, brazen, and hilarious, and anyone who’s seen the comedian in action can attest to her role-model-worthiness. From her humble beginnings in San Francisco to her current mega-success with the TV show “Drop Dead Diva”… Continue Reading →

Pamela Anderson displays her parts for PETA

Was PETA neglected as a child? Was it deprived of attention as a young, burgeoning organization? Why else would poor PETA feel the need to keep crying out for help by flaunting its half-naked celebrity supporters in compromising, often-sexist positions? To save the animals? Nah… Once again, the ever-demure, painfully shy Pamela Anderson is causing… Continue Reading →