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One hundred days without a mirror

This Monday celebrated our nation’s independence, and also marked the 101st day of my decision to go a year without mirrors. It seemed like an auspicious time to give About-Face a progress report! 1) FEASIBILITY: YES, I have been able to almost completely remove mirrors from my life, and I no longer feel dependent on… Continue Reading →

Interview with Gala Darling: Inspiring radical self-love

Gala Darling, blogger extraordinaire, has a mission: to inspire her readers to love themselves — a self-proclaimed “radical” idea. Starting out as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, Gala has now transitioned into a savvy businesswoman who makes a living from her brand. She’s originally from New Zealand, and now lives in New York City with… Continue Reading →

Mirror, mirror…OFF the wall

Imagine a year without a mirror.   Now imagine surviving several months of that year trying to plan your wedding. Nightmare? Or sweet relief? About-Face Program Evaluation Consultant Kjerstin Gruys is making it her mission to survive 365 mirror-free days. Read an excerpt from her blog below, and check out the rest at http://mirrormirroroffthewall.blogspot.com/. The… Continue Reading →

The issue with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

This piece was written by Lexie Kite and originally posted on beautyredefined.net. Thanks so much to Lexie and her sister Lindsay for allowing us to re-post this, and for doing such a great job with Beauty Redefined! — Michelle On Tuesday, the hotly anticipated 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue will hit the mailboxes of 70… Continue Reading →

Female desire and the princess culture

Peggy Orenstein‘s new book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, hit stores this week, and it’s a must-read. It’s a page-turning exploration of “princess culture” and its impact on girls. Peggy’s also an About-Face supporter, having donated a special book club session to our November silent auction. We love this blog post written by Margot Magowan, and… Continue Reading →

Hardy Girls Healthy Women joins in on About-Face activism

“It’s a covert operation! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!” We absolutely heart this video of the Hardy Girls Healthy Women advisory board taking some covert dressing room action. In preparation for the upcoming SPARK Summit, Maya Brown, Mackenzie Riley, and Ali Jean Reynolds paid a trip to their local JC Penney and put our dressing room… Continue Reading →

Christina Hendricks’ curves should never be Photoshopped

Poems should be written about “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks’ curves. No, really. The actress has one of those unbelievably beautiful bodies that only Botticelli could have dreamed up. The show’s costume department must have a field day dressing her up in vintage styles that showcase breasts, hips, and butt (all of which she has… Continue Reading →