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The list of “Fat TV” shows keeps on growing

Reality TV is so passé. Ladies and gentlemen, make room for Fat TV. Granted, this post has been a long time coming, but as usual, the geniuses over at Jezebel finally prompted me to write it. Yesterday, they blogged about the new A&E show, Heavy, which, unlike other shows, doesn’t involve competitions, makeovers, or the… Continue Reading →

Kate Harding on Kevin Smith

As you’ve probably heard, actor/director/writer/producer/fat guy Kevin Smith was recently booted off of a Southwest flight for being too fat to fly. The internet has been ablaze with commentary on both sides, but Kate Harding’s input over at Salon’s Broadsheet blog does a fantastic job of pointing out the problems with sizeist airline seating policies:… Continue Reading →

Whole Foods Market to employees: No Fatties!

  The graduated discount level says one thing: thinner is better. It leaves no room for people with higher BMIs to be viewed as fully functional, and reinforces the very much untrue cultural notion that fat automatically equals unhealthy. It creates a hierarchy based nearly entirely on BMI—the lower your BMI, the higher your discount…. Continue Reading →