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Christina Hendricks’ curves should never be Photoshopped

Poems should be written about “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks’ curves. No, really. The actress has one of those unbelievably beautiful bodies that only Botticelli could have dreamed up. The show’s costume department must have a field day dressing her up in vintage styles that showcase breasts, hips, and butt (all of which she has… Continue Reading →

Nude and Un-Photoshopped: Still Not the Answer.

A previous version of this blog was originally posted at In 2009, a light bulb turned on. (I sure hope it was a CFL.) Someone in mainstream media — new or old, internationally or nationally — an editor, an assistant, maybe it was a PR rep, realized that “Oh hey! Not everyone is a… Continue Reading →

Sarah Murdoch Untouched

Something unprecedented has happened in the world of Australian women’s magazines: model, actress, and presenter Sarah Murdoch voluntarily appeared un-retouched on the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly (a publication similar to U.S. magazines like Woman’s Day or Good Housekeeping).

False images: Kelly Clarkson and Twiggy get modified

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of airbrushed images. Kelly Clarkson’s obviously tweaked and airbrushed body on the August cover of Self sparked controversy and even provoked Self editor Lucy Danziger to speak openly about the magazine’s airbushing techniques. Danziger, who admitted to digitally shaving off her own unwanted weight in… Continue Reading →

Photoshop that baby!: Gisele in London Fog

According to a press release [PDF] issued yesterday, Gisele is the new face, or rather, body, of London Fog. Yes, these photos are very provocative and a bit ridiculous, considering the product she is modeling (I know I go out in the cold and rain like that all the time!). But something else about the… Continue Reading →

Allow Elizabeth Arden to Point Out Your Flaws

It’s not enough that in advertising most photos are endlessly retouched, often beyond recognition. But to have the chutzpah to use a mannequin in place of a real woman as part of the ad is ridiculous and insulting! Well, that’s Prevage, the new product from Elizabeth Arden The obvious dividing lines around the major limbs… Continue Reading →

“… so we went ahead and pieced together a new girl.”

Jesse Epstein, the filmmaker who made the terrific short documentary “Wet Dreams and False Images,” is back with a video op-ed on the In it, she asks whether American magazine editors should be required by law to disclose how much they have retouched images in their magazines. Well, should they?