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“Slip into a size sassy” and other bad advice from Special K

Some businesses relish in funny, clever, and creative advertising. They take pride in their wit and ability to connect with consumers, making them feel connected to and appreciated by the brand. In short, they have respect for the people they hope will come out and buy their products. Using that reasoning, Kellogg’s may not fall… Continue Reading →

Raising the bar on bouncing back after baby

As a mom to two small kids with limited time for my own fitness regime, very little gets my goat (and by that I mean pisses me off) more than gossipy reports on how fast today’s celeb mommies drop baby weight. Sure, a small part of it is jealousy. I’ll fess up right now to… Continue Reading →

Want to lose weight? Quit dieting.

“Hey, you there,” the emaciated, blond model calls to you from the magazine cover. “Want to lose those cottage-cheese thighs and slim your flabby arms? Well, just follow these five easy steps and you’ll have the body you want in no time!” Actually, no, you won’t. According to new research, a negative body image can… Continue Reading →

Girlguiding UK puts body image research into action

Finally, an organization has come up with a resource that has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of girls and women.   Girlguiding UK has launched a new tool in response to some of their recent research into girls’ body image. Give Yourself a Chance is an interactive online resource designed… Continue Reading →

Ginnifer Goodwin, Brooke Hogan cop to dieting for their careers

Wait, so you’re telling me celebrities aren’t the best role models? In case you needed more evidence that Hollywood stars are perhaps not the paragons of healthy living, see below. Jezebel recently wrote about two celebs admitting that it’s not always easy, glamorous, or safe to look the way they do. Thirty-two-year-old actress Ginnifer Goodwin… Continue Reading →

Tracy Anderson prescribes baby food and DNA-defying workouts

Quit your whining and eat some baby food! Okay, okay, so that’s not exactly what celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson is telling her clientele. But it’s pretty close, according to numerous reports. Perhaps you read one of the various articles recently, claiming Tracy’s famous trainees (Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few of the names… Continue Reading →

Gallery of Winners: A New Line of Proactiv Women.

Questions to Consider:   * What is this ad selling? * What does it mean to not be a pushover? * What does “proactive” mean? * How does this ad make you feel? What We Think: Proactiv’s new campaign has a series of ads with different female celebrities and captions like “I’m no pushover. I’m… Continue Reading →